dualboot laptop

  1. lemonade

    Work around for windows BSOD acpi_bios_error on UX410 Win10/Catalina dualboot

    Situation: - Asus UX410 with one 128GB SSD and one 1TB SATA - The system is installed with Win10 on one physical SSD and MacOS and Catalina on the SATA physical disk. - Using OpenCore 0.6.2 - The system was giving BSOD acpi_bios_error when I switch from Win 10 to MacOC using OpenCore bootloader...
  2. Tudor999

    Problem when installing Mac OS High Sierra with Clover UEFI

    Hi everybody. I want to install mac ps high sierra on a lenovo ideapad 530s with nvidia mx930. The problem is it stucks at the boot. The line is this 'Service only ran for 0 seconds/1 seconds. Pushing respown out by 10 seconds/9 seconds'. Please help me!
  3. iamvishnu03

    [solved] Dual boot Issue on ProBook 4530s !

    I have a Probook 4530s running Hackintosh since 2013.Now i am on ElCapitan with everything working very well.I have done dual boot before on my system and was successful but those time i used to do it on my system inbuilt hardrive. Now i have a spare seagate hardrive from an old computer and...
  4. meedasg

    Dual Boot for Mac OS Sierra on Lenovo E470

    Hi Guys I am new to this forum as well to the technique of having Mac OS on a normal laptop I have never done this before but I have experienced the OS on VMware. and 300GB I currently want to have dual boot I have installed windows 10 with UEFI mode successfully as per the screenshots you...