dual os

  1. BudgetNoob18

    $650 to $700 build advice please

    Hey guys (guys is used loosely, I do not mean to trigger anyone:lol:), I am on a tight budget as the title explains. I want a future proof build for later upgrades when I have a extra cash on me. I would like for the build to run dual OS for some casual gaming and video/photo editing. Thanks.
  2. md4eid

    Dual boot windows 10 & yosemite

    I have a HP 242 G1 Business classic Laptop. 4 GB ram 1 GB nvidia graphics card 165 gb Free space in HDD I'm running windows 10 on it. And I wanna use mac os also. which mac os will be better for me? and how can I install both os in my laptop? Model: HP 242 G1 Notebook PC BIOS: InsydeH2O Version...
  3. CMArian

    HELP! Installing MAC OS X and windows 8 on lenovo G470 (20078)

    Hi, i know a thing or two in installing a fresh copy of windows in devices, but i'm a total newbie when it comes to MAC. i googled my laptop, LENOVO G470 (20078 model) and it seems like it is able to run Mac OS X Mountain Lion, and i wish to install both mac os x and windows 8 in my laptop...