1. Dieteman

    Applepowermangment issue

    My system boots fine and runs great. But i am getting slow boot times. About a minute with my OCZ Vertex SSD. I boot into OS X using versa boot and it is hanging up on the apple power management. It does boot but sit there for a while. How can i make this faster ? I am using: Model Name: Mac...
  2. Dieteman

    Slow boot time

    I a Gigabyte ga-p67x-ud3-b3 mobo and OCZ vertex 3 SSD and my boot times are 1min & 20 seconds. How can i make this faster ? I would of thought with a SSD they would be blazing. As windows boots in 6 seconds. I set UseKernelCache=no this helps boot times but not sure the draw back in doing this...