1. paulklaff

    Clicks and drop outs in audio with Yosemite

    Hi guys, I have a lot of clicks and drop outs in my audio. I have a high end audio suiss sound card (a HAPI from Merging) which works with ethernet RJ45 (Audio over IP). But there was a similar problem with my previous Focuscrite sound card on Firewire. With Mountain Lion there was no problem...
  2. paulklaff

    Firewire audio interface under Yosemite clips, distortions, drop-outs

    Hello guys, I've just updated my Mountain Lion hack to Yosemite in order to install Protools 12 (OS 10.9 minimum). Everything worked perfectly with ML but since I've updated the OS to Yosemite there are some issues with the audio (which the computer is dedicated for) : every 20sec 1 distortion...