1. Shoe-Jitsu

    Getting the DRMStatus error code on my first build

    After much googling and searching, I still can't quite figure it out. System: CPU: Intel i7-4790k MOBO: Gigabyte Z97MX Gaming 5 GRAPHICS: EVGA GTX 970 SC RAM: 16gb Balistic Sport PSU: Corsair RM650 I've used a bunch of different boot flags, and the combo that seems to get me to this step is...
  2. SockChampion

    Boot hangs on "DRMStatus iTunes/Apple Store Content Access Problem"

    I'm attempting to get Mavericks installed on my GA-Z77X-UP5 TH. I Followed the guide from the front page, I'm able to install Mavericks but I can only successfully reboot using -v -x; if i try to reboot normally (actually using -v so I can see whats going on) it hangs on this message...