1. portaaaaB

    Display and USB issues - Mojave 10.14.3

    I’m a first time hackintosh builder so a lot of this is new to me. For starters I followed the guide on this site using Unibeast and Multibeast. Everything worked as planned minus Ethernet not working after Multibeast(resolved the issue). Current issues: 1.Unsure of drivers for AMD r5 220. It...
  2. Ghostcat

    Solved > Installing drivers for my laptop (sound, keyboard, GPU)

    Hello everyone! I am pretty new to creating a hackintosh, so please forgive me if I'm asking obvious things. So, I've just installed High Sierra 10.13.6 on my laptop (2.5Ghz intel Core i7 4700HQ, 16GB 1600Mhz DDR3 and a GTX 860M), but I still have some problems with the drivers: First of all...
  3. shubh1010

    help me find drivers for multibeast for my system

    Can someone help me find drivers for my system as I get no sound and have weird graphical glitches? so can someone help me with this please and thank you in advance to anyone that helps me with this.
  4. rozp89

    Is Nvidia 580 GTX supported by Webdrivers in High Sierra?

    Hi guys, I'm struggling to get my Nvidia card drivers to work - its a 580 GTX. What might I be missing? I've followed various guides, and its either resulted in the looping black screen +cursors, or booting fine by still no nvidia driver being utilised. Cheers!
  5. stgm1

    Nvidia drivers, stuck in boot loop

    Hi, I recently created a hackintosh with High Sierra 10.13.6 build 17G65. I followed all the instructions about installing the Nvidia drivers but when I try to restart I'm stuck at IOConsoleUsers : time(0) 0->0, lin 0, llk 1, IOConsoleUsers : gIOScreenLockState 3, hs 0, bs 0, now 0 sm 0x0 I...
  6. forgriffindor

    Thunderbolt display with Windows

    Hello, I'm just making this post with the steps I used to get my Thunderbolt display to work with my PC running Windows 10. The motherboard I'm using is the Gigabyte Z170X Gaming 5. It has the Thunderbolt header so I can use an add-in card. Some motherboards come with USB 3 on them but they...
  7. xBrndnn

    Dual Boot Options with different GPU (Mojave)

    Hi People! So since Nvidia and Apple are being a pain in the a** with their Metal 2 support and Nvidia graphics cards, we need a solution. I was thinking, but not entirely sure, if the following option would be possible; - Boot Windows with my Pascal card (GTX 1070) - Boot macOS Mojave from...
  8. Machinee

    CUDA Drivers when using 2 GPUs built on different architecture

    Currently running a GTX 780 Ti in Sierra 10.12.6 and thinking about adding a 1080 Ti and use the 780 Ti as a secondary GPU for some extra computation to offload when using multiple applications. Does anyone know if the drivers will work for both cards? I assume that the Pascal (1080 Ti) is...
  9. Ramelsh

    Nvidea Graphics drivers not working

    Hi, My name is Ram i am trying to my 1st hackintosh. I was done almost boot done booting and came to sierra home screen.. but here i am getting the problem with graphic drivers. i am using Zotac GT1030 Graphic card i am using the dell 19" monitor which is VGA compatible its attached with...
  10. emresisi

    GA-Z77-DS3H Hackintosh drivers help

    Hello everyone, I have desktop for hackintosh. I installed sierra 10.12.6. some drivers i couldnt install. excluy this is my first time to set a hackintosh. so i need your help :) this is my computer; Motherboard: Gıgabyte GA-Z77-DS3H Ram: : 4X corsair 8GB 1333 MHz DDr3: 32 GB...
  11. jimmyco2008

    [Solved] Black screen but NOT after updating, just after rebooting

    So I go through the Corsair Bulldog Hackintosh Guide and the NVIDIA web driver works, I get GPU acceleration and multiple display output. Hooray! But after rebooting, without changing anything, I get that dreaded black screen issue and can only boot by not using the web drivers. All I did was...
  12. milkywaymaps

    [Solved] Kexts/Drivers Not Allowing Boot. In Continuous Loop. Verbose Attached

    After the initial install I was able to boot in and everything was gravy. When I started using multibeast to install drivers is where everything went to 'ell. Ultimately I was able to still boot in using the boot args "nv_disable=1" & "-disablegfxfirmware" (I still have no clue what...
  13. dto4music

    3rd Party USB3 issues ASUS Z87-Plus

    PLEASE HELP! After having a few issues, I have successfully installed 10.13.5 Hackintosh on ASUS Z87-Plus, Intel Core i7 4770K, Nvidea GTX 980. I installed all the drivers post install using Multibeast. Having a small issue with USB though. I installed the 7/8/9 Series USB support and my...
  14. wcrockett

    Ethernet Controller and WLAN Card Drivers

    Hi everybody, I recently installed OS X High Sierra on an old 1366/x58 computer of mine, and almost everything is running well. However, I can't seem to find any drivers for wifi adapter (Asus PCE-N10). Does anyone know where I could find Hackintosh compatible drivers? Thanks! Hackintosh...
  15. dreamtuned

    Internal Sata Drives Not Recognized After Installation

    I did fresh install of Sierra 10.12.6 yesterday and now my internal drives are not recognized, they are Sata 2 and Sata 3 connected. A friend of mine came by and adviced me to disable all boot priorities in BIOS except the first two. Could this be the problem? All was fine previously on 10.12.6...
  16. blalonde

    Issue using NVIDIA Web Drivers with High Sierra and GTX 960

    Hi all, I just finished installing High Sierra last night on my desktop. I followed the install guide and used a special set of files for my motherboard (ASUS Rampage IV Extreme) so the installation would finally work. I'm trying to get my GTX 960 working with macOS. I followed the guide here...
  17. peppeross995

    MSI H270M Motherboard Drivers

    Hi everyone. I'm new on Hackintosh and I want to know which are the drivers for my MSI H270M Bazooka motherboard drivers I have to install by Multibeast and also how to work with Clover configurator after that. Can anyone help me?
  18. yakarbonizer

    Choosing Drivers need help

    hello, i need some little help for my hackintosh my specs - i7-7700 gtx 1060 H270-Gaming 3 16Go (2x8 2133Mhz) I don't know what drivers do i need to pick in Multibeast. What Realtek ALC i need to pick :/ btw i don't know if i need to go legacy boot mod or UEFI ? Please help me ty !
  19. lavavex

    Apple Bootcamp HFS Read Only Windows Drivers

    Hi fellow Hackintoshers! I have created a simple script that will install the Apple HFS Read Only drivers from Bootcamp on any Windows PC! This script is the effort of an hour of just googling stuff and copy pasting commands with minimal edits (Cause I'm Lazy) but should work on any computer...
  20. DavidIsDaddy

    Problem with MultiBeast when installing audio drivers

    When I try to install the audio driver on MultiBeast 10.2.0, it says that the installation failed. I do what it tells me to do, and when I look in the log it says "EFI partition for volume does not contain a CLover config.plist. Exiting." What can I do to fix this?