1. pushingbuttons

    Install Success! But no networking?!

    I've been going through a frustrating re-install of my hackintosh. Long story short, I had a perfectly setup dual-boot of windows 7, and OS X 10.8.5 and messed it all up. So I'm back to the tedious re-installs.. Fortunately I had my resources saved from the last hackintosh install. The two main...
  2. Juancr1

    [SOLVED]Realtek ALC887 codec

    I have a realtek ALC887 and it won't work It used to work but it stopped working for some reason can someone help please (noob) [FIXED]
  3. SM411

    Use both DSDT and driver in Multibeast?

    Hello! If I got a DSDT file for my mobo, do I still need to choose the drivers in multi beast? Is there anything else I should check when running multibeast? Im gona run dualboot (one SSD for each OS), if that matters.
  4. axel7

    How can I get audio working on DELL Precision T7500??

    First Hack Pro, so forgive my small knowledge. Problem: Got system booting ok, but can't make audio or network work. By mistake I installed everything on multibeast, so I'm planning on do a clean install once I know what drivers should I install for my system. How can I know which...
  5. adub86

    Installed fine, added discrete graphics, now getting "unable to find driver... ACPI" error

    I got my hackintosh set up fine (after some finagling) on a Gigabyte GA-Z77N-WIFI with Core i5-3570K and 4GB Corsair ram. Have ML installed on an SSD, with Windows 7 on an HD and a second HD for data for the ML drive (i.e. dual booting - working fine). I was running the on-board Intel HD 4000...
  6. TheDarkByte

    Acer Aspire 5750ZG

    hello guys.. I did install a Mac OS on my laptop but.. I'm having those weird hardware issues... I was able to start my OS only in safe mode... and now.. I don't know what to do.. I've searched all over the Internet and simply can't find a suitable solution for the drivers.. Broadcom wireless...
  7. benbumben

    Opencl on the HD4000 coming?

    hi, I´m wondering if apple will release OpenCL driver for the HD4000 soon. I know that there is support for OpenCL with windows. Does anybody know if something is happening in the future. Apple shpuld really support this, as they have several macs which only have the HD 4000.
  8. vollnull

    Can't get GTX 570 to work

    Hi there, I have built my first hackintosch yesterday and everything works fine, except for the graphics card. It is a Nvidia GTX 570 by Palit with 1280MB. I have tried several kext files around here in the forum and changed some BIOS settings. But nothing seems to help. Most of the time I...
  9. acarterg

    Computer not booting after installing audio drivers

    Hello everyone. I built my first Hackintosh today and everything was running fine untill I made the mistake of selecting all audio drivers in MultiBeast. My system immediately gave me a gray screen after they installed and told me to restart. When I tried to restart I got the same message about...
  10. metasigma

    Wifi driver needed, Ralink RT5592, Asus PCE-N53

    Hi, I am a hackintosh noob, and I just made my first hackintosh. It was a custom gaming computer, originally not meant to be a hackintosh (I made some poor hardware choices). Everything works (almost) perfectly except the boot and the airport wifi. The boot gives an error message instead of...
  11. bagbreeder

    Parallels 7 Graphic Issue ??

    Hi Guys, I just got OSX fully working. I love it! (Thanks for the great guides here at the forum!!!) ;) But now there is a thing I can't solve with existing threads: In Parallels 7 the graphical haptic is very bad. It's not possible to change the screen resolution satisfactorily. Additionally...
  12. stupiddiary

    Problems with Internet Conncetion - doesn't get ip

    Hi Everytime I start my mac, I have to reboot the rooter (and cable-modem) to get Internet. It is connected with the Ethernet and the ISP .. but the Netzwerkeinstellungen (network-setting? - the second point if you klick on assistent) is orange the whole time. Sometimes I have to reboot...