driver install issue

  1. braincreck855

    mojave system internet issue

    i installed mojave in ten system. but even if the driver is installed in a heckintosh (mojaved), the internet still doesn't work. and even in system preference --> network, ethernet does not appear. so please help me. the system specifications of the installed mojave system are given...
  2. yesanton

    How to install graphic drivers from Mavericks to Catalina (eye strain issues resolution)

    Me (and many other people) experience eye-ache from new Macbooks (and windows machines). After two years of trial-and-error I found that installing macOS Mavericks on my MacBook (pro 13 late 2013, Intel Iris 1536 MB) resolves the issue of eye ache completely. One cannot stay at Mavericks...
  3. Kamani.Jasmin

    MAC OS MOJAVE driver installation in this configuration. Does anyone know?

    MY CURRENT PC CONFIGURATION Motherboard - HP Compaq 8300 CPU CPU - 3.19 GHz Intel Core i5 Graphics - NVIDIA GeForce GT 710 2047 MB Ram - 4GB (Corsair), 4GB (Zion) [8 GB 1600 MHz DDR3] SSD - 120 GB (Kingston) HDD - 1TB (WD) SMPS - xPro(230V) Monitor - Dell 22-Inch Router - TL-WR841N/TL-WR841ND...
  4. GroShrek

    Nvidia Quadro 4000 black screen issue High Sierra installation

    Hi ! I have a hackintosh that was working fine on El Capitan up until I decided to upgrade to High Sierra. I have spent hours trying to figure out what is wrong. Please help ! My build : - Asus sabertooth Z77 - i7 3770K - Nvidia Quadro 4000 - SSD Hard drive. I have tried all methods in this...
  5. loridigia

    RTL 8812 Driver

    Hi, how can i make my USB Wifi Adaptor RTL 8812 works on hackintosh high sierra 10.13.6 ? If u had the download of the drivers i will appreciate, i cant find them, thx.
  6. elgandas

    [Solved] Nvidia Driver Not compatible (OSx Yosemite)

    Hi, I've been working with my hackintosh for 1 year with no problems at all, but today when I turned on, It say that my nvidia drivers are not compatible with my mac. I don't know what happened, but I need to fix it asap. Here are the specifications of my build: CPU Intel i5 3,2GHz 2x8 GB 1600...
  7. SixxStringzz

    [Solved] YamahaSteinbergUSBAudio.kext has no Info.plist file. No volume Sliders

    Hi all, I have a an external USB audio device, Yamaha/Steinberg UR22. I downloaded and installed their Mac driver succcessfully on Sierra. It installs with no errors, I get good sound from the device. The issue is that I cannot control the volume through the software volume sliders, the sliders...
  8. winter0

    Reboot infinitely after install drivers using multibeast

    hey guys, this is the first time try to install a hackintosh on my computer, but I meet some problems. After I successfully install the system, I try to use multibeast to install some drivers, like graphic card, audio card and so on. But when I reboot my computer, I can't get into my system...
  9. KlausB

    Kext installation (Graphic, Sound...) doesn't work

    Hi, I got High Sierra installed, but the installation of the drivers doesn't work as expected. First I've tried it with Multi Beast and then manually with Kext Beast (Path: /Libary/Extensions), I've installed following kexts... (screenshot) Two times it worked till the next reboot (one...
  10. AbdallahMostafa

    Coudln't instal intel hd 520 graphic driver on Mac Sierra

    Hello Guys, I can't instal intel hd 520 graphic driver on Mac Sierra I want AppleIntelSKLGraphicsFramebuffer kext file, plz Thanks
  11. farhan9690

    drivers for lenovo x240

    hi everyone! please tell me the dirvers for ethernet and bootloader for lenovo x240.
  12. bufferOverflow

    Drivers are missing after upgrade

    I'm able to successfully upgrade my desktop from 10.12.6 to 10.13. In Sierra, I installed drivers for Audio, Ethernet and USB and they were fully functional. After upgrade non of these devices are working and when I'm trying to install these using Multibeast, install drive doesn't have my MacOS...
  13. cristian91

    Audio Issue: The selected device does not have output controls

    hello guys, I'm slowly succeeding, thanks to this community, to solve all the problems of my Hackintosh, as in the screenshot i can not hear anything yesterday worked it all! ideas? My Hardware: - Mobo, Asus TUF z270 MArk1 - Audio Peripherals, Logitech Z906 5.1
  14. osama10922

    HZ600 Graphics & Network Drivers Issue in Sierra 10.12.3

    I've successfully installed MAC OS Sierra (Mac Pro 5,1) Hackintosh on my PC with following specs. 1. HPZ600 PC 2. Intel 6 Core Xeon X5660 Processor (2 Pro) 3. nVIDIA 8600 GT Graphics Card 4.Dont know about audio and Ethernet Specs But Audio, Network and Graphics drivers aren't working on my PC...
  15. osama10922

    Hackintosh HPZ600 Drivers Issue

    I've successfully installed MAC OS Sierra (Mac Pro 5,1) Hackintosh on my PC with following specs. 1. HPZ600 PC 2. Intel 6 Core Xeon X5660 Processor (2 Pro) 3. nVIDIA 8600 GT Graphics Card 4.Dont know about audio and Ethernet Specs But Audio, Network and Graphics drivers aren't working on my PC...
  16. Joscha07

    GTX 1060 does not get detected by Sierra 10.12.5

    Hello everybody! I just built my first Hackintosh with an intel i7 6700k an Gigabyte Z170HD3P and a GTX 1060. I used Uni- and Multibeast to install Mac OS and it worked I guess... I can access the system. I do have one major problem: my GTX 1060 does not get detected by the system. I installed...
  17. HanSoosLool

    [Solved] How do I get my Nvidia GTX Geforce 1070 to work under OS X Sierra 10.12.4?

    Hello guys, First of all I just wanted to say, that there could be a small language barrier because I´m german ;) There are many treads about this problem, where some people picked up a Pascal Nvidia graficscard and there is something that doesn´t work probably. So to give you an idea what...
  18. Piero2411

    Driver Gigabyte z170xp-sli

    Hi i have to install mac osx on a pc but i don't know what can i do for install the driver audio video exct... I USE A GRAPHICS CARD ON MOTHERBOARD. I DON'T USE OTHER GPU Motherboard is a Gigabyte z170xp-sli Thanks for the help
  19. yvssssssssss

    No drivers installing on Mac OS X Sierra

    Hi, I've installed Mac OS X Sierra on my laptop and I can't get to install any of the drivers for it....No LAN, WiFi, Keyboard, Trackpad, Graphics,.... nothing I've tried almost everything but all end up in a failure My laptop configuration is, Dell Inspiron 3542 8GB RAM, 1TB Hard Disk, Core...
  20. BinZailani

    Intel HD 4600 on El Capitan not working...

    Hello. I am using hackintosh os x el capitan on Asus Desktop coi7 Ram8Gb. Graphics : Intel HD 4600. VGA Audio : ALC 887 I am a programmer and I've followed every tutorial which are on internet and I couldn't install graphics and audio driver to my desktop. Could you add installing drivers...