1. daanieldf0

    Is "Ralink RT5370" compatible with Yosemite?

    I bought a Wi-Fi Adapter with "Realink RT5370" chipset. I want to know if it is compatible with Yosemite 10.10! If so, does anyone have the compatible driver link? And how can I install it? Thanks for the help and sorry my English. I do not speak that language.
  2. Ridith

    Will this work fine? i7 4790/ASUS Z97K/Geforce GT740

    Hello. I'm planning on buying the following things to set up a new Hackintosh and installing Mavericks in it: - Intel i7 4790 - Motherboard Asus Z97-K - GPU Geforce GT740 2gb ddr3 Do you think it will all work as it should? Will it be able to sleep without freezing? I assume yes, but I just...