1. enigmasi

    Is there any solution/workaround for Apple Music DRM issue with lossless music?

    Someone mentioned that it works with USB DAC but needs confirmation what's causing it and what kind of DAC it must be. I've found only one or two posts about this so far, no many Apple Music users among hackintoshers?
  2. tamashev

    How to enable Dolby on Sierra (IDT92HD87B2/4)

    Pavilion G7 2254sr Intel Core i5 3xxx Intel HD 4000 /AMD RADEON 7670M(disabled) 6GB RAM Sound chip: IDT92HD87B2/4 started Hello. I need to enable Dolby sound on Sierra. I enabled sound with AppleAlc method, but the sound is very quiet compared to Windows. On Windows the same quiet sound without...
  3. arrvee

    Altec Lansing / Dolby Audio output distorted & soft

    Everyone, After a successful installation with Yosemite for less than a month now, I do enjoy it so much. Thank you for this site for guiding everyone who wanted to try or atleast feel how a mac os works on an intel pc/laptop. Since my laptop's wireless/bluetooth card is not compatible with...