1. silicongraphics

    Thunderbolt only works about 30% of the time on 2018 Razer Blade 15

    Hi everyone, I'm running Catalina on my 2018 Razer Blade 15 Advanced and recently purchased a third monitor (two external + the laptop display) to add to my setup. I needed a way to connect it to the intel UHD630 on this machine as the Nvidia card obviously isn't supported, so I decided to...
  2. btreex86

    [Help] macOS High Sierra UI lagging when quitting apps (CMD+Q)

    Hey guys I successfully installed High Sierra 10.13.6 on my desktop PC. The overall experience was good, I got pretty much everything working but onboard audio since I don't need it - I use an external audio card. This is what I've done so far: SMBIOS matches my CPU (iMac 18,2) and has a valid...
  3. malvino

    Default dock and desktop on Sierra (my config is missing)

    Hi! I just upgraded from El Capitan to Sierra. Everything went fine except the dock and the desktop that are displayed as default and my configuration is missing. I could fix it yesterday deleting some files in Preferences, but today when I turned on the Hackintosh again, it showed the same...
  4. jansenjansen

    Dock missing

    Hi everybody, first off: big thanks to everyone here writing up guides and helping others set up their own Hackintoshs. After using macos on my desktop for some time I began a new project: using Sierra on my old Laptop (Asus F555L, which is the same as the X555LF). I've been successfull using...
  5. EverythingIsRed

    [solved] Enabling Transparency for 'Older Mac'

    macOS Sierra on my laptop doesn't have the translucent dock or notification center like other devices. It's probably because of the older hardware. Is there any way I can enable translucency? (1: current dock, 2: expected dock)
  6. orbislacteus

    EVGA GTK 950 works but is slow, some glitches

    Hi, I'm new to this hackintosh world. I have set up my hackintosh so far but still encounter some problems: One is the graphic card. its a GTX 950 and it seems to work after I installed the alternate nvidia drivers. But if i test it in unity game develop editor it is even slower than the Intel...
  7. wolfanger

    Is probook dock working with Yosemite?

    Hi! I am using with full satisfaction an Hp Probook 6460b with Yosemite installed with probook clover installer method. Everything is working perfectly (i had just replaced wifi internal card with a compatible one). I am wondering if a Hp dock will work with yosemite. I am first looking for...
  8. fvl

    Transparent Dock in Mountain Lion

    Hi All, For all those that think that glass should be transparent and not matte, I have the following Dock mod. It looks a bit more like the Leopard/Lion Dock. It does not however reflect, rather you look through it. To activate it, type the following two commands in a terminal: defaults...