display resolution

  1. vimes90

    Screen resolution and dual monitor

    Hello, just installed my first hackintosh but I'm having several problems, this post is asking about the most important ones now (I also have boot problems, but can use the boot manager via usb to boot into my SSD-install macOS Sierra). I have two dell 2560x1440 pixel screens, but Sierra only...
  2. Desz9

    Display Resolution Confused? Please Help.

    Greeting all, GA-Z87-HD3/i5-4570/Mountain Lion 10.8.5/NVIDIA GTX 660 using HDMI connect to LCD TV Monitor. From my Window 7 display is 1824x1026@60. Look at picture that ML screen is over size than my TV Monitor. If I uncheck Overscan and the big Black Frame which I don't want it. I wish ML...