display problems

  1. drpidude

    Help updating from Yosemite (10.3.3) to Mojave on a Gigabyte Z77-UD5H board

    I put together my customac years ago. The same rig has been running windows for the last few years, and a family memeber was using it. There was a drive in the computer that I had labeled "osx" with a piece of tape. I tried plugging it in, not expecting much, but to my surprise, it successfully...
  2. Asshh

    2560 x 1440 not working

    Hi, I recently bought a Dell U2711H. I'm using DVI-D to connect it to my motherboard. The BIOS and bootloader are all displayed fine until I get into the login screen, and then it starts showing multiple screens with interlaced lines across the monitor. I still have a 1080p monitor on...