display port

  1. vela025

    Catalina on Nuc5i7 with (literal) missing HDMI port, possible to force DP?

    Hi, A while back the mini hdmi port on my nuc snapped off, and since then I have been using the mini display port instead (under linux). Recently I thought I'd put OSX back on the Nuc (having previously had Big Sur on there...back when it had a mini hdmi port). I have installed Catalina and it...
  2. plancha2002

    Display Port + airdrop crash macOS

    Hi, yesterday I got the fenvi t919 network card, I bought it to be able to have airdrop and well, I saw that when I selected something to share by airdrop my main monitor (which was connected by DP) turns off, I do not give much importance but it was super strong as it turns off and on, I...
  3. Paoze

    Cannot get 4k 60Hz on Del Inspiron 7590

    Hello everybody, I bought a Dell S2721QS 4K monitor for my Inspiron 7590 I am using a USB-C -> Display Port cable to connect to the monitor. 4K is working, but I am struggling since months now to get 60Hz refresh rate. I think I have tried all possible combinations and options, except the...
  4. machine2009

    Can you install macOS on a 8300 without HD4000 or dedicated grahics to use it a server?

    I plan to install macOS Big Sur on a HP 8300 SFF with a i5 3470 processor. I know that the integrated Intel HD 2500 Graphics are not supported in macOS but I wonder if it is possible to get through the installion process with only the integrated DisplayPort and use it as a server from there. Do...
  5. iLikeHackintosh

    AMD RX Vega 56 multiple ports

    How to get more than 2 display ports working on ROG Strix RX VEGA? I get signal from DVI port and from one HDMi port. I do not have DisplayPort cables to test DP ports. Ports marked with green are working, but I would like to attach 3rd monitor into port marked with red, but no any image. Any...
  6. hunch8864

    Display port not working on Deskmini 310

    Hi everyone I am encountering some issues with my newly finished Deskmini 310 hackintosh (Catalina 10.15.4) and two Asus VP249HE monitors and I am at wits end to get both of them working. My spec: CPU: i5 9400 Motherboard: H310M-STX (with 1xHDMI, 1xDisplay port, and 1xVGA) Graphics: UHD630 RAM...
  7. kaks

    Graphic card DisplayPort doesnt work

    Hello everyone, i Have an issue with displayPort with my GPU RX580 on mojave it only works with HDMI port i Already Installed latest versions of Lilu and whatevergreen on Extension folder but the the problem is still didnt risolve my hackintosh is selected as IMAC 18,2 by default.
  8. competetowin

    rx580 struggles. Really need help!

    Hi all, After banging my head at this for 20 hours over the past 3 days, I"m really out of ideas. The excitement I felt towards building a hackintosh has turned to despair. I could really use some help. Toggling intel and ati injections, enabling/disabling cms and dedicated graphics in bios...
  9. competetowin

    Can't get to BIOS anymore (black screen after CSM)

    Hello good people, My old DVI-connected monitor was working fine. The 4K I just got shows no signal via DP and no signal or a purple hue (depending on the port) via HDMI. Someone on the forum had luck by disabling CSM in BIOS. That didn't help in my case. Worse, I can't even get back into BIOS...
  10. Vassi

    [Solved] Displayport don't work - Help please :-)

    Hi friends and thks for this forum. I'm newb and i'm French, so i NEED lot of help lol ! :-) I have issues with Displayport on a GTX1050. HDMI work's fine (3440*1440 /100Hz) on 21/9 Samsung display. Black screen with DP / nothing. NvidiaWeb driver are installed. All work's fine with HDMI but i...
  11. pbrandao

    [Solved] ANY HELP - CLEAN INSTALL HS10.13.2 (Shutdown & Audio/display port problems)

    Hello all - I'm running High Sierra 10.13.2 on my Hackintosh, and pretty much everything is working ok, flawlessly except sleep. Here's My first installation was HS10.13.0, and everything was almost perfect (no WIFI). I can´t upgrade, so decide to try a fresh and clean install. I have done...
  12. daulex

    Blank screen during boot with display port (with GTX 1070)

    Installation method: Unibeast/multibeast. MOBO: Msi Gaming 3 Video: GTX 1070 Cpu some oldish i5 @ 3.3ghz I went through the installation process with my main screen (using display port), but without Nvidia drivers loaded I think (had safari gfx glitches, animations were slow). Installed Nvidia...
  13. JoshuaChronstedt

    Problem entering BIOS on Pro Desk G1

    Hello everyone, this is my first post, so bear with me, il try and post as good a question as I can. If something is unclear please let me know. I'm hoping to get some help with entering the BIOS on my ProBesk 600. I've put this question in Hardware Troubleshooting because that's where i'm...
  14. TheRubenizer

    Hackintosh detects tv only when tv is off.

    Happily using my first hackintosh build now for almost a year, only dealing with some minor work arounds. But the other day I ran into an interesting issue. I tried to hook up my tv (LG M2550D) to the computer as a secondary monitor (4th monitor actually), and in osx it will only detects the...
  15. kikohv


    Hi There I have recently installed Sierra and my display port stopped working after a few days? Is there anyway I can see what might be causing this? Many thanks
  16. hirenoah

    Possible to Connect MBP as Second Screen (Sierra)?

    I've got a working Hackintosh Sierra build (see specs in sig/details) and I want to connect my Macbook Pro Retina (late 2015) as a second screen/display. I've tried using the display mirror mode and connecting to my monitor with a DP to MDP cable, but that did not work at all. And Target...
  17. Westechy

    Monitor and Power

    hi, i finally got my successful build done and installed to a point where no network or glitches at the menu bar. Problem 1: the one problem i havent been able to fix is i can only use one monitor and i would prefer to have two. i have confirmed that the two monitors im hooking up to the...
  18. sp00m

    [Solved] Two 1080p and one 4k tv issues

    Hello, Specs: i7 6700k gtx 970 GA-Z170X-UD5 TH 950 nvme ssd Configuration: 1080p monitor one in DVI 1080p monitor two in display port (with an hdmi adapter) 4k Hisense h8 TV in hdmi 2.0 port to hdmi 2.0 on the tv Issue: The tv won't read a signal if it's detected as native 4k from the...
  19. mooreaa

    Trouble with 60Hz on 4K display (Sierra, GTX 960)

    Hi guys, I'm running a Dell XPS 8700 with upgraded graphics card (EVGA GTX 960 SSC with 4GB of ram). I'm trying to run a Dell UP3214Q 4K display, but I'm only able to get 30Hz. First off, I have tested in windows 10 with this GFX and monitor combo and the display does support 60Hz @ 4K so the...
  20. matt418

    First build, need advice on hardware

    Hello everyone, I'm looking build an editing rig (FCPX) that would be very quiet. I dont plan to game on it so I thought I would not buy a GC, but instead choosing a mobo with DisplayPort to run my 4k display. Gigabyte LGA1151 Intel Z170 ATX DDR4 Intel Core i7-6700 8M Skylake Quad-Core 3.4...