display brightness

  1. Lukutus33

    Monitor Brightness Control

    Hey Guys, I just wanted to let you know this. Lunar Found this App and it really works. With my normal Monitor over Displayport. Works with normal Macs and the daylight Sensor but also without Brightness control from the Keyboard or location based. I´m a little Stunned because I was...


    I want to disable dedicated GPU, GTX 1650 but using -wegnoegpu causes my maximum brightness to drastically get reduced. Is there a fix for this so I can disable the dGPU to maximise battery life?
  3. Dell94

    Cannot Adjust Brightness On my Laptop( Mac os Sierra 10.12.2)

    Hi, I'm new to hackintosh. it is possible to adjust my laptop display brightness? The display show built-in display with black monitor image but i cannot find any setting or option to adjust brightness. Can refer to image below. The display preferences pane is working with custom EDID. My...
  4. craigmcewen

    HP DV687TX with NVIDIA GeForce 8400M GS

    Hey everyone, First time installing hackintosh and its worked GREAT apart from the fact I have no brightness on my screen, I have been able to play and research around a bit and have installed some sliders one of which actually does dim the display some, my problem however is that my screen is...