1. blob810

    Solved > Enable Intel HD4600 and Gigabyte RX 580 working together

    Hello, I just purchased a new Gigabyte RX 580 graphics card for my Hackintosh. Before I used the integrated Intel HD4600 graphic. I use Lilu and Whatevergreen kext. Now I have installed the RX 580. The card is working without problems, but in the system profiler I can only see the RX 580 card...
  2. davideparpi

    Having issues with backlight (brightness) and disabling the discrete GPU

    Hi guys, In my HP g6-2305sl I'm having issues with the screen backlight and disabling the discrete graphics card. For the backlight I tried with this guide installing the kext but I can't...
  3. Denny64

    MSI GS63VR 6RF DSDT patching problems (Disable GPU)

    Hi all, This forum helped me a lot setting up a Hackintosh machine on my MSI. Right now I'm having almost everything functional except my internal display which is a shame, since I'm only able to work with the machine through the TB3 DP port. I'm trying to disable the Nvidia GTX 1060 GPU...
  4. petapton

    List of dedicated graphics cards supported on laptop hackintosh

    Hello everyone, I was wondering if it was possible (and made sense) to make a list of laptops (or graphics cards) that DO NOT ship with switched mode, and some criteria to distinguish discrete and dedicated, in order to help people that want to use dedicated graphics also on macOS. I hope...
  5. moog84

    Switch from Intel HD 630 to a Nvidia GPU

    Hi, I have been running my new build for a few weeks and it's been relatively smooth. I am now ready to add a GPU (ASUS 1060 6GB STRIX) and move away from the Intel 630 on-board graphics. As this has become my main work machine I would like to make the switch with the least possible disruption...
  6. zack156

    Need to disable discrete graphic Haswell

    Hi, I am using Haswell i7-4700MQ intel HD4600 and Nvidia Geforce GTX 765M. I am working so well now on Sierra 10.12.6 everything is fine until I tried for upgrading to High Sierra. The installer stuck on WindowServer 0. Some articles I read and the problem is because of Dual Graphics. I have...
  7. Alin-unity

    Can't disable discrete graphic on Dell vostro14-5459 Sierra

    I have a Dell computer, I try to close it out of the discrete graphics and use a lot of ways, but i failed, it was a tricky question that i was eager to get advice or help
  8. Allen1912

    [solved] Help in DSDT/ SSDT to disable Nvidia GTX 960M

    I have a problem in disabling the dicrete card in my laptop. I've read a guide that you must put _OFF () method after the path in the _INI () method. I save it as SDST-1.aml as instructed and reboot the system. The card is still in the system information. Guide...
  9. ICheeseful

    HP Pavillion Gaming Compatibility

    Hello. I've got a laptop and I would like to instal macOS on it. The model is 15-ak003la It has: Intel i7 6700HQ Quad-Core Intel HD 530 Nvidia GTX 950m Realtek Audio (I don't know the specific model) Intel Wireless 3165 Realtek Ethernet (Same) It's a 1080p display powered by the intel graphics...
  10. musicmic

    Gryphon z97 4790k evga gtx 750 cannot boot with discrete graphics help!

    Build: Gryphon z97 / 4790k build to install Yosemite (updated to 10.2) bios ver. 2101 ram:crucial ddr3 16gb Method: unibeast, MB, and a EFI fix to boot without using installer. (bios setting OS type = EFI) Followed these to guides somewhat...
  11. beiufin

    AsRock Z77 Pro4: Onboard and Discrete graphics clash.

    Hey I have a AsRock z77 Pro4 with a i5-3570k. I am running 10.9. My computer only boots when the BiOS is configure to Onboard graphics. Otherwise it has a kernel panic at the apple logo. I would like to be able to boot with my discrete card and do not plan on using HD4000 graphics any time...
  12. adub86

    Installed fine, added discrete graphics, now getting "unable to find driver... ACPI" error

    I got my hackintosh set up fine (after some finagling) on a Gigabyte GA-Z77N-WIFI with Core i5-3570K and 4GB Corsair ram. Have ML installed on an SSD, with Windows 7 on an HD and a second HD for data for the ML drive (i.e. dual booting - working fine). I was running the on-board Intel HD 4000...
  13. maddog

    Discrete & Onboard Graphics on multi monitor Help needed

    I hope someone can help? I have a GA-H67N-USB3-USB Intel Core i5 2500k ( HD3000 ) 8GB DDR3 Geforce 9800GT. Would like to enable both discrete and HD3000 to use on different monitors. So my 9800gt on my Dell monitor and the onboard HD3000 on my Samsung. I have looked about the...
  14. fozzylyon

    Ivy Bridge + discrete HDMI audio

    I've searched for working examples of ivy bridge + discrete hdmi audio, but haven't found anything. To anyone that has an ivy bridge system with hdmi audio + video from a discrete graphics card, I'd like to know what build has worked for you. Thanks in advance!