1. pabloezequielleone

    Planning my first build!

    I've read the Buyer's Guide and dig into the forum a long time and I came up with this build, which btw, will be my first ever build :headbang: I'm tired of waiting for Apple to release the new MacMini and I think new PCs are way too overpriced :mad: I'm a developer, so I need the system to be...
  2. softVariable

    Probability of GPD Win 2 Kexts Being Developed

    Hello. The GPD Win 2 had been announced and will probably be coming in early 2018. For those who don't know, it is a handheld gaming PC/Laptop. The first version has an Intel Atom X7-Z8700/X7-Z8750 processor, which made it incapable of running macOS natively without a virtual machine - though...
  3. igorkulman

    iOS 11 simulator really slow

    I am running macOS 10.12.6 and I upgraded XCode 8.3.3 to XCode 9, which included new iOS11 simulators. But the simulators run really slow, much slower than the old ones. Some of them, like the iPhone X simulator are basically unusable. I was wondering if anyone else has the same problem. Maybe...
  4. chmmr

    Build Advice VR/ML/Development

    This will be my first hackintosh, it will a dual-boot (Win10+Sierra) machine used primarily for development (iOS on the mac side and Unity/VR on the Windows side) and some machine learning. I got an Oculus Rift from Kickstarter so I am building this machine to use with it. I might do occasional...
  5. zvaleria

    iPhone Simulator - what is wrong?

    iPhone Simulator or iPhone? I am learning how to develop iOS apps and have successfully run basic ones with my OS X Yosemite 10.10.1. But when i try to run any iOS app using a WebView, the simulator gets very slow, then shows a black screen and quits the app. My PC overview: Processor 2.2 GHz...
  6. sqia

    HP Probook 450 i5-6200u

    I have a laptop with following specs: Intel i5 6200u CPU 2.30GHz Intel HD Graphics 520 So what I waanna know is that is there a way to install a OS X on this system and CAN IT BE USED FOR DEVELOPMENT PURPOSES, as in to create apps using Xcode? Thank You
  7. boomerang

    Need some Compatibility and buying advice

    I want to make a hackintosh for iOS development and some android and web development stuff. I am currently planning to buy all the required hardware looking at this guide and going worth CustoMac...
  8. lisajhonson95

    Hackintosh Reliability and Stability dilemma

    So I will be heading over to university pretty soon like in a few months or so I will doing major in Computer science . So I have to buy a good laptop, I have been a windows user until now and I am quiet neutral with it , so I was thinking of buying a probook 4530s and converting it to a...