desktop compatability

  1. piupiu

    Intel Z490 and Comet Lake desktop combo

    I am on a verge of pulling the trigger and getting a Z390/i9-9900 combo since it is proven to work well. But, there is the Comet Lake and Z490 just around the corner, release presumably in May'2020. I see that the new MacBooks use the 10th gen cpus, but they are Ice Lake. Any idea if Comet Lake...
  2. jimmy22hild

    Surface laptop 1gen

    i can't find if my surface laptop first gen will be compatible with mac os Motherboard Manufacturer Microsoft Corporation Model Surface Laptop (U3E1) CPU Intel Core i5 7200U Graphics Intel HD Graphics 620 for the cpu it ok, it's the same for graphic but is it...
  3. Jimmy188

    Can I install Mac OS on my PC? Is my PC config OK?

    My PC Components CPU:Intel Core i5 4460 Motherboard: Asus H81m-k Ram: Twinmos 8GB ddr3 1600mhz (1 stick) SSd: Western Digital green 240 GB sata ssd HDD: Western Digital blue 1TB GPU: Sapphire rx 560 4GB PSU: Corsair 550W power supply Can I install MAC OS in this PC? And can I...
  4. MeloMilo

    Desktop Bucks

    Hi I build a Hackintosh with I5 7600k GA-H270M-DS3H Intel Graphics 600 So when I build the PC I can’t youse the full Resolution so I install a patch (I think it was Framebutter) and it works a few months but than after a Softwerupdate ( It wasn’t the first update I made) the Desktop bugs (not...
  5. jibinashraf

    Is i3 4150 compatible with HighSierra ?

    Hi, The PC which I`m trying to install HighSierra is i3 4150, B85M-D3H-A, NVidia GT710 Is it compatible with HighSierra ? After loading the app with Unibeast, I`m not able to boot to the installation. Tried in verbose, but no errors were shown. Could anyone help?
  6. Goutam12345

    Can i computer run High Sierra

    My specs are: Intel i5-4440S 8gb ram ddr3 1tb hdd wd gigabyte b85m-d3h motherboard gainward gt710 2gb iball speakers I have been using windows since 2006(started from xp) has experience with formatiing,partitioning disk ,installing windows,linux etc but i have never tried mac os.I want u guys...
  7. 4o4Err0r

    Can I run hackintosh on my old Acer OEM desktop?

    Hello everybody! I've recently started learning about operating systems in my university and started dabbling in Linux operating system. Got my hands on my dad's old Acer Aspire X3960 desktop and would like to try installing hacktintosh into it! I have a early 2015 13" Macbook Pro, and I was...
  8. akberagi

    [Success] Asus H270M-Plus - i3-7100

    This is my very first Hackintosh build, and I successfully installed the 10.12. Almost everything thing is very except input audio jack. The Build Asus H270M-Plus i3-7100 8GB G skill 2400mhz 1TB WD Samsung 22" full hd monitor with HDMI Dell USB chic-let keyboard and mouse. What's working-...
  9. Hazzer

    Is this compatible?

    Hi all, Generated this build using the Mac Pro Hakintosh with parts switched out. Motherboard: Gigabye Z97X SOC CPU: Intel i5 4690k CPU: Asus Nvidia GTX GeForce 750 Ti (I believe that I would have to wait for a bios update till this was compatible with Mac, this is more for windows as I aim...