dell xps 8500

  1. FireAlarm321

    Dell XPS-8500 Help

    Hi, I have a Dell XPS-8500 that I have decided to Hackintosh, but whenever I boot the installer, AFTER VERBOSE BOOT, I get a white screen with a movable spinning beach ball of death. I used Unibeast and laptop support to create the USB. My specs in this PC are different than the ones in my...
  2. drdhavalnaik

    Success ! Dell XPS 8500 i5, 8gb, gt-640 El Capitan Hackintosh

    very good configuration / you can say the best ready made configuration for Hackintosh DeLL XPS 8500 installation is super easy and smooth even for beginner except for wifi (airport) everything works fine and smooth i am running el capitan 10.11.1 since past few days and planning to buy...
  3. nwHack

    Dell XPS 8500 for Music Production

    What version OS X would you recommend me to install on my machine? I have the 10.6.3 install DVD from the Apple Store. A second SSD for OS X is also on my to purchase list for this machine - recommendations? I want to build this box for stability above all other desires. Eventually, I would like...
  4. nwHack

    Starting From Scratch with Dell XPS 8500 - What is the latest/best build?

    I would like to build a dual-boot Snow Leopard 10.6.8 & Win7 64bit box. Using OS X for music production, and Windows for office/business chores... I've read through posts on this site and it seems that 2 separate SSD's would work best using Chimera - but not sure yet. Has anyone done this build...