dell vostro

  1. Techguardian

    << Solved >> keyboard/mouse not working at High Sierra installation language screen

    Hi all keyboard and touchpad mouse is not working at first attempt of installation high sierra language screen 10.13.6 cant move forward sys specs dell vostro 3575 / i5 8250u / 16gb ram 500gb ssd / intel UHD 620 + AMD 520 made usb bootable with mac unibeast already tried with copying same...
  2. alexsiusra

    Dell Vostro 3568 sleep and brightness problem 10.12.6

    I tried to follow any guide but I can't find the solution for two problems I have: 1) When waking up from sleep fans start spinning but the screen stays black. 2) I can adjust the brightness from the settings but not with F11 F12 pressing any of those keys (also F8) freezes the system. I attach...
  3. Taskmaste2946

    HD 3000 (mobile) artifacting on 10.12+

    Hello, I've been having an annoying problem with HD 3000 on macOS Sierra and High Sierra. Whenever I'm using the laptop, weird artifacts and lines keep appearing on screen. It appears in FCPX, iTunes, Firefox, Videos and even finder. I have the SMBIOS set to MacBookPro8,1 and igplatform set to...
  4. zeeshananjum295

    [solved] Power plug/unplug freeze

    i have successfully installed OSX 10.13.1 on my Dell Vostro 3468. but few things not working Freezing by Plugging/unplugging power adapter. Ethernet self signed ip issue No awake from sleep Sound working fine. its detecting headphone but not working Itunes crash after few seconds I have tried...
  5. OmShanti

    Dell Vostrol 3558 El Capitan Installer Booting Error

    I am facing the problem when boot installer for El Capitan on Dell Vostro 3558
  6. bongbank

    Mountain Lion On DELL Vostro 3xxx Series

    I Test On DELL Vostro V3400 Spec CPU : i5-520m Ram : 4GB x 2 GPU : Nvidia 310m (No Discrete) 1. Purchease Mountain Lion from Mac App Store (On Lion) 2. Installer Mountain in Application Folder 3. Prepare Flashdrive 8GB+ with Disk Utility and run UniBeast - Mountain Lion...