dell laptop

  1. Viditppp

    Laptop (Dell n5010) randomly shuts during installation

    So I made a bootable flash drive with cover bootloader for High Sierra. It boots up as it should, I format my HDD to hsf+, then right when it says "installing" and "10 minutes remaining" (time keeps changing) the laptop just shuts down. Could it be a HDD related problem? I have switched the bios...

    WiFi+(Bluetooth and Handoff) card for Dell Inspiron 5559 (2016) on macOS High Sierra

    Hi guys, I have successfully installed macOS High Sierra on the said laptop using a guide on ******. However I want to ask what Wifi card will you recommend for this laptop. I have searched forums but couldn't find a specific forum for High Sierra, there were forums regarding Sierra though...
  3. prashanttechnobin

    how to install mac os x yosemite on dell inspirion 15 5559

    plzz help me m hardware is intel core i7 6600U @2.50GHz 16 GB RAM DDR3 intel HD graphic 520 skylake 2TB harddisk how to install yosemite on dell inspiron 15 5559
  4. mnouri130

    ERROR 6105 in compilings DSDT on DELL Laptop

    Hey guys, I wanted to connect an external VGA monitor to my Hackintosh, but I figured out I must patch my DSDT first. I did it with this: and was able to solve some problems with this...
  5. SamuraiAkira

    Dell Inspiron 15 5547

    I want to try to hackintosh my laptop if at all possible and use it for recording music with garageband. Here are the specs Dell Inspiron 15 5547 Intel Core i7 4510U Intel HD 4400 Graphics I don't know what the audio is but I can replace the wifi card with a compatible one and I'll probably...