dell inspiron 580

  1. EmperorWalrus

    Questions About Compatible Motherboard

    I'm interested in building a hackintosh as my first ever computer build. I want to do this more for fun and try to go as cheap as I can to get it to work decently. I have found a Dell Inspiron 580 on Ebay for a very good price and I wonder if the motherboard on that, or the computer in general...
  2. nhomen

    (SUCCESS) Dell Inspiron 580 Mountain Lion

    After DAYS of researching, installing, erasing, researching, installing, erasing, banging my head, installing, etc. I've finally got a stable version of Mountain Lion running on my Dell Inspiron 580!! My current setup: Motherboard: Stock Inspiron 580 (dh57m02): EasyBeast CPU: i3-540...