dell inspiron 15 7000

  1. Mrgeque

    (GUIDE) Dell Inspiron 15 7573 - Catalina 10.15.7 - OC 0.6.0 | I7-8550U - 4K - UHD 620 - BEST 100% Simple SETUP

    Introduction Ive Seen a few Posts about this Laptop as a Hackintosh in Various Places. I have yet to see an "Easy and Clean" Guide since my hacking this laptop(10.13.6 - 10.14.6), (Clover). Loved Clover since it taught me so much, but very difficult to maintain for the average "non"...
  2. clasan

    Dell inspiron 15 7580 + WiFi DW1820A, no boot

    Hello! I am trying to run a WiFi card DW1820A with my Dell Inspiron 15 7580 but the system gets stuck on boot, as shown in the picture attached, after the following text kexts stall[0], (60): 'PXSX'. The DW1820A is working fine under Windows. I can run High Sierra in my Dell if I disable by...
  3. albertparedandan


    Hey guys, i just installed macOS Sierra on my ssd. It installed just fine until the last second where it's supposed to reboot and continue installation. After reboot to USB and clicking on the partition i installed macOS on, it just boots to the USB again. When i try to boot to OSX directly from...
  4. Diegodomene

    Dell Inspiron 15 7000 Gaming - Help with the basics

    Hi there, I'm not an advanced user, but I think with a little help from the experts of this community, I can hopefully install the High Sierra on my laptop. After several trials I could finally reach the step 1 (creating the USB boot). For some reason, all the methods (including using...
  5. oady98

    Dell Inspiron 15 7000 Series 2015

    Hi there, I'm new to hackintosh's but like the concept of a hackintosh laptop for student use. I'm starting a computing science degree so will be buying a new laptop for university, I decided to go hackintosh as macbooks are out of my price range but I heard OS X is the best OS for programming...