dell 7010

  1. InsideG5


    Very tidy!.
  2. Fans


    The two Noctua NF-B9 redux 1600 92mm fans drawing air from the front and out the back. Really quiet, simple to install and both connected to the Dell 7010 motherboard via a Silverstone PWM fan splitter cable.
  3. Complete


    Added two Noctua fans connected to the 7010 mobo via Silverstone fan splitter. And two new black SATA cables
  4. Original G5 fan guard.

    Original G5 fan guard.

    The rear fan guard sits in place nicely, I'll fit one fan in the top slot. that will enough to keep the processor and case cool.
  5. G5 Rear. No Cutting!!!

    G5 Rear. No Cutting!!!

    I replaced the rear fan guard. Excuse the USB 3 dongle, when the right angle USB 3 cable arrives, Ill either put inside or into the top PCI slot.
  6. USB 3 & Ethernet

    USB 3 & Ethernet

    Connections from the inside.
  7. Power Supply and Processor.

    Power Supply and Processor.

    Cooling power supply.
  8. SATA Connections.

    SATA Connections.

    SATA Connections.
  9. Original 2004 PowerMac G5 DP Heat Shield

    Original 2004 PowerMac G5 DP Heat Shield

    Original 2004 PowerMac G5 DP heat shield mounted over the power cables.
  10. Useful tool, Lego Technic Tyre

    Useful tool, Lego Technic Tyre

    Lego Technic tyre used for cushioning hardware in place. Holds really well.
  11. Dell 7010 Power Switch.

    Dell 7010 Power Switch.

    Power switch for the Dell Optiplex 7010
  12. G5 Drive Caddy.

    G5 Drive Caddy.

    Original G5 HDD/SSD caddy.
  13. G5 Plastic Cover.

    G5 Plastic Cover.

    Original PowerMac G5 Plastic Cover.
  14. Rear PowerMac G5 Case. No Cutting!.

    Rear PowerMac G5 Case. No Cutting!.

    The rear of the PowerMac G5 case, and no cutting!. I only have three cables to consider. I can replace the rear fan guard after fixing the cables.
  15. Rear PCI.

    Rear PCI.

    Graphics card, Ethernet PCI Slots.
  16. PCI Cards.

    PCI Cards.

    PCI Cards.
  17. BlueG5


    Finished hardware build. Dell 7010 MB, RX580, 120GB NVMe M.2
  18. craighazan

    Budget G5 Hackintosh. 'No Rear Cut'.

    Hi tonymacx86 Community. This is my first Hackintosh build!. I Followed trs96 excellent [Guide] Install High Sierra or Mojave on the Dell Optiplex 7010 / 9010 Desktop PC - Revision II. My budget for this build was $300. The RAM and Hard Dives I already owned, but the bonus is the 2004 Apple...
  19. turk101

    Moutain lion on Dell optiplex 7010

    Moutain lion on Dell optiplex 7010-Works great Got this setup about a month bored...decided to make it a as followed.. 17-3770 cpu 8gg ram 500 gig hd used on board video(intel 4000)to install at first then put my nvidia gt240 in... had a copy of toni's...