ddr4 32gb corsair 2400

  1. dwumpus

    X99m Gaming 5, i7-5820, NVidia 970/AMD 580 on Mojave - Notes

    Hi everyone, I just wanted to roll a word about my Hackintosh experience and using the tips found on the tonymac site! First, I really appreciated the guides, and the tools. It seems universally with most folks who have built their hackintosh, that it is a learning experience; and the trip...
  2. Alphabloom

    New hackintosh (X99, I7 6800K, GTX970, 32gb DDR4 2400Mhz)

    Hi guys, I am building a hackintosh for my sister, I am mostly a windows build guy so i don't know the intricacies of Mac and comparability issues surrounding hardware (even though it is sound for windows) Here is my purposed build: CPU: Intel Core i7 6800K Broadwell-E 3.4GHz 15MB No...