1. wtgserpant

    Dual monitor DP audio issue

    Hi all, I followed the guide to setup my audio through my gtx 950's DP and it's working on one of my monitors. The 2nd monitor doesn't show up in the audio output panel. While tinkering with DDC panel app, its unable to fetch EDID from my second monitor. I am guessing that's the issues. Any...
  2. bensge

    [Beta release] NativeDisplayBrightness 0.0.5 testing [updated]

    Hello everyone, After getting my brand-new hackintosh up and running, I figured it was time for a small programming project. I missed the ability to control my display brightness with the F1 / F2 keys from my MacBook, so I wrote a small application to do just that on a hackintosh. Well, I know...
  3. yushi90

    4k Monitor brightness control?

    Hi everyone, is there a known way to control the brightness of a DP attached Monitor by system? I found a somewhat buggy shell script to set the brightness with DDC-CI, but that does only accept levels like 50%. The increment or decrement option does not really work. I hope, someone can...
  4. Charmeleon

    [APP] DDCCTL - Control HDMI Display Audio Volume

    [APP] DDCCTL - Control HDMI Display Audio Volume DDCCTL 1.0 Volume control for HDMI displays is disabled on OS X. Use this app to control the volume of your HDMI display speakers using the F10, F11 and F12 keyboard keys. Guide Download DDCCTL.zip and extract the application to...