1. cbirchy87

    Post Installation Help Needed :)

    Over the weekend I started my first hackintosh project. It went well! I have been able to install Mojave onto my DC3217IYE Intel Nuc. However there seems to be some issues I cannot work out. 1) I have run Multibeast after the installation. Choose UEFI and Whatevergreen and built the fixes but...
  2. ParalaX

    High Sierra on NUC 3217BY, 3mb VRAM

    Hi everyone. I'm reaching to you cause I can't get working my DC3217BY on High Sierra. As you can see this is my first post, so I hope I don't ask an idiot question... So I've managed to create my USB drive with unibeast, install macOS, launch multibeast and install fakeSMC. But I can't get...
  3. SCQ

    [Success] SCQ's Intel NUC DC3217BY (CLOVER/El Capitan)

    10.12 Update: To update from El Capitan to Sierra using the App Store see Post 69 in this thread. The following guide is a complete walk through for installing a fresh version of OS X El Capitan on the Intel NUC DC 3217BY. It's also reported as working for the Intel NUC DC 3217YE without the...