1. SavingPrincess

    Dual Boot i7-9900k Advice

    Hi Team, Here is my goal: Build a dual-purpose DAW (Hackintosh) and Gaming/VR machine (Windows 10) inside the same rig. The specs will be (owned parts marked with *): CPU: i7-9900k GPU: EVGA GTX 1080 Ti SC Black Edition w/ iCX Cooler * Motherboard: ?? (Need the most SATA and most USB...
  2. Slickademo

    Graphics and performance future proofing

    I started out with a Radeon HD 7970 on my first Hackintosh and later got a second one. Seemed to be plug and play and they worked great. I later upgraded to a Nvidia 980 Ti and used web drivers and that card has been working good as well. Now I have a new Hackintosh and I'm still using my 980...
  3. Evang1ja

    Heavy Music Production Build From Scratch (Logic/Ableton DAWS and Serum)

    Hello all, First time poster. I have searched the forum and seen this somewhat touched on but not really to my situation: Trying to build a Hackintosh laptop. I currently have a late 2017 iMac 27 inch so I have the ability to build at a good pace while being able to use my DAWS and not worry...
  4. Audiogeek92

    First hackintosh build, recording studio build (DAW workstation)

    First build. Building primarily for use in home recording studio. Heavily invested in the UAD platform, Apollo 8p and OCTO Satellite require thunderbolt 2 (hence the converters). I've gone with a few quiet parts including the PSU, CPU heat sync and case. Please could anyone who has had...
  5. Audiogeek92

    DAW Audio Hackintosh (First time build). Will it work?

    First time build. Currently shortlisting my choices for my new Music production Hackintosh. I'm going to be running my audio interface which is a Universal Audio Apollo 8p and my Satellite OCTO DSP via the Gigabyte thunderbolt card. I'm planning to overclock the CPU from 3.7GHz to 5.0GHz also...
  6. TorbenScharling

    Low RTL high DSP count first hack for Ableton Live

    Howdy I’m a musician and content creator wanting to start video streaming and video editing my performances as well as build a system that can do insanely fast round trip latencies via an insanely fast (thunderbolt 2) audio interface (Presonus Quantum) (or something like an RME PCIe card)...
  7. hubb_99

    Where do I start looking? OSX Freezing, NIC stops passing traffic

    I've had this build for a few years and it was pretty solid in the beginning. Now the two main issues I'm having: Almost daily my onboard NIC will stop passing traffic. I resolve the issue with ifconfig en0 down/up and it's back to normal. I have also had issues with uploading files via web...
  8. matthewlandon

    Hackintosh for Music Production

    Hi All, I have a budget of under $1000 AUD and looking to build a reliable Hackintosh. Here are the specs: CPU - Intel - Core i5-7500 3.4GHz Quad-Core Processor - $254 Mobo - Gigabyte - GA-H270M-D3H Micro ATX LGA1151 Motherboard - $138 RAM - Corsair - Vengeance LPX 16GB (2 x 8GB) DDR4-2133...
  9. danidacapo

    Live Tracking / Mapping / Audio Matrix :)

    Hey everybody, First of all i wanna say thanks for all the inspiration i got browsing through this forum. I was always building my own PCs many years ago before i switched to mac. Sometimes I really missed it, so let's see how it will feel a few weeks from now :D I am about to build something...
  10. Huttah

    Audio inputs distorted in DAW

    Hello, everyone! I've recently built my new Hackintosh following RehabMan's guide to a T (found here) for getting my NUC6i7KYK on High Sierra. Everything seems to be working beautifully, but I'm having a peculiar issue. I use a Focusrite Scarlett 2i4 for recording, and it works fantastic in...
  11. moshin

    Boot life is like a dice game. Dell T3600, Sierra 10.12

    So, thanks for entertaining all the noob questions. I've learned a lot about clover, which was new to me. So it wasn't for nothing. I am in an interesting position. With the stock machine, I have dual displays via displayport on the quadro, Sleep, as well as the on board ethernet working. I...
  12. iAlberto

    somebody help with DAW Hackintosh?

    Hi Guys, am new to the forum and this Hackintosh stuff ! i have read a lot for a while now and i would like to build a hackintosh for my own. I need a dual boot system, with El Capitan (& Windows 10) to use it as a Daw (audio). The specs: Intel i5 3330 8 GB RAM (gonna upgrade it later to 16...
  13. kedarchie

    First Custom Build

    Hi all, My Mac - an actual Apple iMac - just finally cracked it at me and is completely broke down and the moment, and I've been wanting to upgrade for quite a while. I've always been frustrated at Apple's lack of expandability without willingness to lay down over four grand so I've decided to...
  14. shudder65

    P55 DAW hack questions

    Hello, I have a few questions I would love to get answered before I re-hack my old but stout P55 based machine. Specs. Gigabyte GA-P55UD4P rev1, i5 750, 16 gigs corsair vengeance, nvidia gtx 650. Currently running windows 10 home x64 with Samplitude and a Steinberg/Yamaha UR22 usb...
  15. putemind

    Advice for Cpu upgrade of my old build

    Hi guys, I need an advice for my old build X58 I though to upgrade the CPU from i7 930 to an used i7980x Do you think is a good or a bad idea ? My Mobo is a GA EX58 UD5 My GPU is an MSI GTS 250 Twin Frozen 1gb My Ram is 12 giga Corsair XMS3 DDR 3 1600 MHZ Let me know
  16. P0sitiveH4ck

    MAO Build, i3/8GB RAM

    Hello everyone, I'm 17 and I use my compuer to make music. I can't bear my old hackintosh anymore (core2duo, 4gigs of ram, no ssd), so i want to buy a new computer, with a low buget.. Here are my plans: Intel Core i3-4330 Gigabyte B85M-D3H 8Gigs of Kingston HyperX Fury Black RAM (dual chanel) A...
  17. kabirdi

    850 EVO RAID 0 with VE Pro 5 / sample libraries

    Hi there, I was wondering if anybody has been using a hackintosh for music composition purposes? I'm running OS X 10.10.5 and have been running my Sample Libraries. I predominantly use EastWest PLAY within Vienna Ensemble Pro 5. i've come across an issue where, even when not running my 2 1tb...
  18. drfl3tch

    Random Freezes

    Hi guys, I built a dual boot rig in about April and ever since then, when using Mac OSX, the computer will randomly freeze (Windows is 100% rock solid). No matter what I'm doing, what's running, or if I'm not doing anything at all, it will inevitably freeze. Whether it's 10 seconds after boot...
  19. unocualquiera

    unocualquiera [i7-4790K Asus Z97-A] Audio Build

    Hi all. This is my first build Hack oriented work with Audio Inbox for now. I dont add graphic card for now because i will play by firsts and starts. I would add one or two extra case fans but i dont know choose and place them (positions). [CORE] MOTHERBOARD: Asus Z97-A/USB 3.1...
  20. DrDave

    Help picking CPU/motherboard for first time DAW build

    Hi there! I'm a first time builder looking to build a DAW workstation (and a bit of gaming) I first need to choose my CPU and motherboard but found this a bit confusing :wtf: Motherboard: Lots of USB ports preferred On board graphics not necessary as I will be getting a single graphics card...