1. FallGuy

    Installation problem - Clover only sees "Data" partition

    Hi, I am trying to do a fresh install of 10.15.1 Both the Clover boot and Catalina installer run without any problems until the installation process reboots for the first time. Now, Clover only sees the Catalina data-partition. There is no other partition like "Boot Install MacOS on xyz". If I...
  2. receivemusic

    Help recovering data from hybrid sshd

    I had some trouble installing Windows 7 through Boot Camp but finally managed to fix it. All I had to was unplug any other drive to format and install the OS correctly. The case was left open during the process since I figured I needed to plug the Mac drive back in soon either way. I made the...
  3. sirciori

    Dual boot Windows 10 + Yosemite + Data Partition on same HDD

    Hi everyone, This is my Computer now: CPU: i5 4460 MOBO: msi h97 pc mate 1 HDD with: efi partition 250gb + Ubuntu + windows + data partition 1) I want to install yosemite (deleting ubuntu) and make a dual boot with yosemite and windows 10. I don't want to format the entire system, so is there...
  4. Novascope

    ExFat partition for Win8/OSX Mavericks (Dual Boot) crashes

    Hi everyone. :) I've built my hackintosh(dual boot with win) about 10 months ago and everything went well so far except one thing: I use a partition (ExFat) from my HDD for my personal data like music, photos, etc. to access it from both Win and OSX. In the past it just disappeared like 3 times...
  5. mdeml

    How best to import data and applications from back up?

    Good afternoon. I'm curious the best way to restore applications and data from a previous build. I have a TimeMachine back up of a successful install of OSX 10.9.4 on a GA-P67A-UD4-B3 with a 2600K processor. I upgraded to a GA-Z97X-UD5H motherboard with a 4790K processor, a PNY GTX 770...
  6. Dodex

    How to use SSD as a boot drive and HDD as data drive

    Hello! I have successfully installed OS X 10.8.5 on my new Hackintosh (10.9.2 wasn't working.) I made the install drive my SSD (SanDisk Extreme) and then I have an HD (WD Blue.) Everything like my music wants to download to the SSD but this will fill up quick and I need to use it just as the OS...
  7. mildj84ns

    Negotiated Link Speed only 1.5 Gb/s

    This is well documented bug with SATA 3 drives and Nvidia MPC79 chipset used in some Macs. I have Kingston v300 SSD in MBP 17" 2009 and even though chipset supports SATA 2 speeds, the SSD works only as SATA 1 drive, which is really annoying, it's still pretty fast compared to stock 7200rpm...
  8. Colin03129

    Any PCI Wireless Data Cards compatible with OSx?

    I'm looking for a Wireless Data Card for a CustoMac Mini. Has anyone tried one or have any advice on one? I've found this: But I don't know what keywords I should be looking for or which will actually be compatible with OSx.