1. logyon

    Upgrading to bigsur

    So decided to try and have another bash at running my intel nuc with big sur. Its the model D54250WYK has: Intel i5-4250UU 2.6ghz max 12GB ram DDR3 Crucial Intel HD Graphics 5000 Wi-Fi card to a Bluetooth and WIFI supported apple Broadcom model. 250gb Samsung P851 SSD Stick So I have...
  2. Melvinzill

    [SOLVED] Intel NUC D54250WYK Mac App Store Problem

    I recently got a broken nuc for cheep. The Ethernet controller was completely fried. I managed to install Sierra, but I wasn't able to use the Mac App Store (See Picture). For Internet I am using a Edimax Wifi dongle. I have already tried deleting the NetworkInterfaces.plist and changing the...
  3. OkieDeric

    Okies NUC Cube with 3D Printed parts (WIP)

    Hi everyone. I've been lurking around here for some time and thought I would start a thread on my build. I started with a NUC D54250WYKH and G4 Cube. I got both off ebay. I added the following to the NUC. Memory = 16GB HyperX Impact Storage = 250GB mSATA Samsung 850 Wifi = Spare HP mPCIe I...
  4. xav

    Yosemite : Intel Haswell NUC Core i5 (D54250WYK) V2

    Hello, It's makes several days now that all my attempts of installation of Yosemite 10.10.1 end in failure. Any suggestion or return of experience is welcome! I'm not a total beginner and all my previous experiences with an old DELL Core2Duo (SL, L, ML, M & Yosemite) end successfully but the HW...
  5. WonkeyDonkey

    Install Guide : Intel Haswell NUC Core i5 (D54250WYK) V1 (Mavericks)

    ************************************************ * Notice * * This guide is now deprecated and is no longer maintained * * No further support requests will be answered * * A new version of the guide can be found here * ************************************************ Installation...
  6. tolive

    Any Successful Installation on Intel Haswell Based NUC Kit?

    PC: Intel NUC D54250WYK Core i5-4250U, Crucial M500 480GB SSD, Crucial 16GB Memory Issue: Mavericks Unibeast keeps rebooting, unable to enter installer. 1. Boot from USB, enter the chimera boot screen 2. Hit enter key, the apple logo flashes once, monitor turn black 3. The computer reboots...