1. heystswede

    Help me find a mother to match my selected components (budget: USD 2000) and other suggestions

    Hello people, I really need some help in order to pick up the right motherboard given my current situation... + Objetive: To match or surpass the nMP 4-Core (USD 2999) performance. + Budget: USD 2000 or less (Processor; Graphics; Memory; Cooler; Power Suppy; SSD; Case) + Applications: Final...
  2. inaki.mat

    What about AMD's R9 Series (280x, 290x) on our Hackintoshes?. Further explanation.

    Now that Mavericks has been released I would like to talk about the possible compatibility of some AMD GPUs on a Hackintosh besides the FirePros that go with the new Mac Pro. This GPUs are the R9 xxx Series for example the R9 280x and the 29 290X and in fact share many similarities with Mac...