cuda drivers

  1. Erizur

    Enable Web Drivers in Mac OS X Mavericks with an NVIDIA GTX 1050 card?

    Hello everyone, i'm very new at hackintosh, i've have done a mojave hackintosh with some bugs due to my card not being supported because of NVIDIA drivers not being available, so now, im trying to do a mac os x mavericks hackintosh, but i cant make the graphics work right, i've used chameleon as...
  2. Ramelsh

    Nvidea Graphics drivers not working

    Hi, My name is Ram i am trying to my 1st hackintosh. I was done almost boot done booting and came to sierra home screen.. but here i am getting the problem with graphic drivers. i am using Zotac GT1030 Graphic card i am using the dell 19" monitor which is VGA compatible its attached with...
  3. MIcahTautkus

    CUDA Driver install leads to "Still Waiting for Root Device" on boot from SSD

    Hi everyone. I have a really interesting problem. After I install the CUDA driver for my GTX 780, the next boot stops at "Still waiting for root device." on loading the OS from my SSD. -f gets me through, and I have superb graphics, but my dsdt for audio seems to have stopped working. Aside...