cube mod

  1. hcantu

    G4 Cube build / GA-H270N-WiFi / i7-6500 / Nvidia GTX 1050 Ti GAMING

    Hi everyone, Just acquired a great looking cube (been trying to find a good one for a fair price) I got it in Mexico and have it delivered to the US. To be honest it is a shame to have to take it apart, it's so perfect! But then again what's the point of having it sitting on a box. So, I am...
  2. ShatteredAvenger

    Low-Power Cube with Discrete GPU Build

    Hi everyone, long time lurker Recently got my hands on a FLAWLESS Cube (almost all in original packaging). Part of me hates to take it apart, but there's really no way I'll ever use it as a G4 machine (already got an old iMac for that purpose) So, add me to the ranks of people wanting to put a...
  3. OkieDeric

    Okies NUC Cube with 3D Printed parts (WIP)

    Hi everyone. I've been lurking around here for some time and thought I would start a thread on my build. I started with a NUC D54250WYKH and G4 Cube. I got both off ebay. I added the following to the NUC. Memory = 16GB HyperX Impact Storage = 250GB mSATA Samsung 850 Wifi = Spare HP mPCIe I...
  4. macaddict71

    Silent Cube – Core i7, GTX 750Ti, PowerLogix

    I recently completed another Mac Cube mod. My previous Cube mods have never been satisfactory as I wanted to achieve the following: Silent operation Powerful processor Dedicated graphics Large storage capacity This mod is largely a prototype for whether I could achieve all of the above and...