1. Zulkarneeyn

    I Can't Run Photoshop and Low FPS Cs:GO

    Hi. First my English is not very well, sorry about that. Secondly, i didn't want to make garbage article so i did open it for two problems that im trying to solve. My System; * Board: ASUS H81M-K * Graphics: AMD R7 240 - primary graphics that im using also have one onboard with intel i7 but i...
  2. digital.discuss

    G-sync and CS Go & Battlegrounds?

    (Forget Battleground in the subject line) Anyone that can share their experience with CS Go and using G-sync? I have a system with a Nvidia 980 and are looking at getting an AOC 24" AG241QG or similar display for playing CS GO and Shadow of Mordor mostly. Does this work out in your experience?
  3. bambo15

    Steam Games Crash cause I'm not on 10.6+?

    Hello, I just finished installing hardware and several other things to help my Sierra hackintosh. Its main purpose was to be one of those Macs that can game pretty well within a budget. However, Csgo, Gmod, Mw2, MW3, and serval other games crash during launch. Games like don't starve or shovel...