1. servs

    << Solved >> Does macOS have crossfire support?

    I'm building an editing rig and wanted to use multiple Sapphire PULSE RX 580's in crossfire to render videos with OpenCL GPU Acceleration on premiere pro. I was wondering if crossfire is even supported on macOS? And if so, is it plug and play or does it take some extra steps to get working?
  2. eth3130

    GTX 1070 vs Dual RX 580

    I’ve had a GTX 1070 in my editing hack for a couple years now. I’ve become frustrated with the stability and now with no official driver support (yet), I think it’s time to move on. Has anyone had any success with running two RX 580s in Crossfire? I primarily use this machine for Premiere Pro...
  3. lucasloud

    Anybody have TWO RX480s working in Sierra?

    Hi all, Anybody got two RX480s working in Sierra with full acceleration of both cards? Going to be dual-booting and running a 1440p gaming machine in Windows on one side, but I need to run AMD Cards for OpenCL support for Final Cut Pro X video editing on the Mac side. I know people have...
  4. Flowmotion97

    Use of multiple GPUs? Programs that can take advantage? Is it even worth?

    Putting together a "test bed" Hack for testing new hardware to check for compatibility. I plan on throwing in an Optiplex 790 Motherboard (once I can figure out how to fix the no-AHCI), as well as a Celeron G530 to keep the price down and compatibility strong. I have an EVGA GT 210 that works...
  5. ch3m1c

    Does 2x R9 280x Crossfire works on hack?

    Hey I'm currently running my Hack with single Asus R9 280x but I'm receiving another one very soon.. I'm curious if crossfire works on hacks at all? Thanks! :ugeek:
  6. jakeSinger

    OpenCL Compatibility Chart and Multi-GPU?

    Has anyone compiled a chart showing which cards have shown to work well with OpenCL? This is very important for us in the Pro market, especially with FCP 10.1 and Motion... Also, multi-GPU cards in a hackintosh? Do SLI and Crossfire set ups work with OS X on a hackintosh? (I understand...
  7. Dance4me

    7990 or 2x 7970 CF: Will my build work (+1440p display advise)?

    EDIT: 2x 7970 CF: Will my build work (+1440p display advise)? Hi guys, I'm a total newbie here and pretty excited about the whole hackintosh thing :lol: Before spending a great deal of money I need your advise! My plan is installing both Win 8.1 and Mavericks in a dual boot configuration. The...
  8. garethwebber

    Bad graphics performance - Mavericks and Sapphire 7950 CF

    Bad graphics performance - Mavericks and Sapphire 7950 CF FIXED Hi I recently treated myself to two upgrades - moving from 10.7 to 10.9 and upgrading from a 5970 to two 7950s in cross-fire. The Mavericks upgrade I did fresh and works fine (apart from iMessage) but the graphics performance...
  9. m_warsh

    2x 7970s Crossfire possible?

    I currently have a ML Hackintosh utilizing a 7970 GHz; has anyone ever tried a dual card setup? Did Crossfire work?
  10. skalman

    New screen Dell U2713HM 27" IPS, blank after Apple Logo.

    Hey guys! I've had my hackintosh running just fine with my old 22" samsung monitor via dvi. A couple of days ago I bought the Dell U2713HM screen which i run with DVI-D and 2560x1440 resolution. During boot I can see POST, etc, and I get the white page with apple logo, and after that the...
  11. Juggernaut1987

    Mountain Lion Graphics Cards for the Red Team

    In my search of finding components I have found a lot of Nvidia cards but what choice is there for the Ati fans that want to use Mountain Lion without hassle? In other words, are there any last generation Ati cards available that dont require kext editing under mountain lion?
  12. Juggernaut1987

    Second Hackintosh: Your thoughts on the components

    Hi Guys, My old core quad platform is becoming old and is starting to have some quirks. Therefore im buying a full new Ivy Bridge set to replace it. On my old build I ran OSX as second OS. Now I want to run it as a primary OS and keep Windows for gaming. I want this rig to be a killer rig...