creative cloud

  1. zoommmmm11

    Adobe Creative Cloud Updates killing internet connection and ability to boot up again

    OSX Version: High Sierra 10.13.2 Clover Version: 4380 NVIDA Version: 378. Clover Version: 387.128 Hey everyone, I'm posting just as a heads up and to see if anyone has had this issue as well. Basically upon updating one of the major apps through the adobe creative cloud app...
  2. CivilDallas

    Any hack savvy Lightroom users?

    The single bug I've not been able to remedy with my build is the ability to sync with Lightroom mobile from my hackintosh. I have the latest version of LR and every other part of my creative cloud suite works flawlessly. Thoughts anyone?
  3. loothi

    Adobe Premiere crashing with OpenCL / GTX 980ti

    Hi all. Long shot here. I installed a second hand but under warranty EVGA 980ti to re-invigorate my edit Hack (specs in the .sig I think * plus Sierra 10.12.5) It's kinda ok. Got Clover options to use the Nvidia web drivers and all is recognised etc. However in a particularly heavy edit...
  4. Conmar

    Adobe Creative Cloud thinks my drive is case sensitive but it isn´t

    Hello, i can´t install the Creative Cloud. It keeps saying that i can´t install it on a case sensitive drive (Error code 22) but my SSD drive where MacOS is installed is case insensitive. It´s formatted Mac OS Extended (Journaled) so it should work. I have another drive which is my backup drive...
  5. KonfusedKyle

    Premiere Pro Crashes On Export

    Everything was going fine using Premiere Pro, until I exported it. Attached is the error screen when I click Export>Media. Doesn't allow any changes to the settings on the export screen. I have rendered the the sequence. Please help!
  6. specialfred

    Adobe Creative Cloud updates

    I was wondering if anyone out there has specific experience with Adobe Creative Cloud and a hacked iOS I am a noob and want to make sure that if I build, I will be able to continually update Premiere, Photoshop etc as I do now. Thank you!
  7. NicolasCatard

    impossible to install Adobe creative Cloud installation

    Hello guys, I didn't find any answer to this issue in the forum, forgive me if someone already posted about that. I am not able to install Adobe Creative Cloud and have the following message : error code 22 : installation on case-sensitive volumes is not supported. Please choose a different...
  8. Keen4n

    Trouble with Yosemite and Adobe Creative Cloud

    Hey y'all. Just decided to do my first update from 10.8.2. I bought a new SSD with more room and I did a fresh install of Yosemite and migrated from my last Time Machine backup on the Mountain Lion drive (I'm already guessin that's part of the problem) Everything seems to be working but I did...
  9. malaclipse23

    How to fix Adobe Creative Cloud on Mavericks?

    Hi folks, I just got my very first built running. It's very similar to tonymacx86's Haswell mATX: GA-Z87MX-D3H - i7-4770K - HD 4600 (Link), except that I built in the EVGA GTX 660 that I already had lying around. My whole idea of building a CustoMac was having a powerful box to work...