1. Agamjot

    Is there a way to create a Mojave Hackintosh

    i have a intel 8th gen build i7 8700k gigabyte z370 ultra gaming and gtx 1050ti i want to get on the mojave i have a high sierra hackintosh running is there a way to build a new fresh mojave hackintosh for now
  2. Eliseth

    There was an error creating your UniBeast drive: Copy of apfs.efi failed

    I know multiple people reported this issues. I've seen multiple threats as well, and not much more than a link to " # 19" as replies. None of that fixed my problems. Below are some logs, which suggest the installation...
  3. karim1999

    Can I create Hackintosh with this Lenovo Ideapad 500?

    These are my laptop specifications: If yes, which version of macOS x can I install?
  4. jing009

    will there ever be a nic card application for hackintosh?

    Im not a programmer but it be nice if we all had something like this Run Application NIC Find .....starting search auto finds net card ... cant it find look for it manually ...... please choose vender like intel broadcom etc- please enter model version {model} injects into plist of kext...
  5. derekib

    [SOLVED]Error during unibeast (usb bootable creating)

    Hi, I'm trying to create an usb bootable with unibeast to install in my new build and an error ocurred during I'm creating it. I'm on MBP mid 2009 runing Mac osx 10.8.3. My machine's language = Spanish (I don't know if this can generate issues) Regards from Spain folks! This is my log: Apr...