1. dougoftheabaci

    How do I diagnose random locking up?

    So every so often my OS X installation will just completely lock up. No kernel panic, no force shutdown, just 100% unresponsiveness. Not even a beach ball of death. I checked the console and nothing jumps out at me so I'm wondering if whatever is causing the crash isn't getting logged. So I'm...
  2. avi_31337

    GA-Z87M-D3H , GT640 - Unable to download files, Apps crashing etc..

    I am trying to do a fresh install of 10.9 using UniBeast. Purchased parts off Tony's buyer guide. Struggling to get this to work for the last 10 days. Every method/thread I've followed, ended up with this one issues, I cannot resolve. I am a non-native english speaker, so please pardon my...
  3. phiko73

    Final Cut Pro Crashing (Graphics card problem?)

    Hi all, I just build my very first Hackintosh, and while the experience was trying, I am glad I took on the endeavour. The problem I am having is with Final Cut Pro X and sometimes Motion 5. I am operating the most recent version of both. When I am operating Final Cut Pro X whenever I attempt...
  4. Pechente

    Team Fortress 2 crashes repeatedly

    Team Fortress 2 crashes repeatedly [workaround found!] Team Fortress 2 crashes on my Hackintosh repeatedly after around 20 minutes. I don't get any error except hl2_osx stopped working. I didn't have this bug on my old iMac and all other graphic applications are running perfectly on my...
  5. moritzf

    repeated crashing/spinning beach ball of death, is my SSD faulty?

    OS X repeatedly crashes on me anyhwere between 10 and 45 mins after restarting. I get a sbbod, the computer is unresponsive and can only be restarted using the power button. The system was stable for months and I haven't installed any kexts or software updates for months. I noticed on one of the...
  6. ksood

    My hackintosh keeps freezing

    about once or twice a day now ever since i got mountain lion my computer will completely freeze nothing will work everything just stops. I have to hold down the power button until it shuts off, Here is a picture of what i think was the error in console when it last happened, does anybody know...