1. threequartersearth

    << Solved >> System Restarts With Anything Above cpus=6 (High Sierra)

    Hello, I just got High Sierra up and running on my new machine, however I've run into a major issue, which is that my system seems not to be stable unless I use the boot flag cpus=6 (or 1-5). Above 6, or without the flag, the computer will restart after about 30 seconds of being logged in. I...
  2. santi.ramirezv

    GA-Z97x-ud7 - i7-4790k - Restarting issue without cpus=1(4)

    Hi! Sierra 10.12.5 works (Graphics accelerated, audio and USBs working) but still need cpus=4 to not getting restarted after minutes of using the hackintosh. EFI Folder attached. I search for other similar threads but are old and relative to Mavericks and El Capitan. Also don´t know how to...