cpu power management

  1. StevenMoretz

    Opencore check if XCPM is enabled

    This guide : https://dortania.github.io/OpenCore-Post-Install/universal/pm.html#enabling-x86platformplugin Assumes: Explains what to do for Sandy and Ivy Bridge Power Management and how to enable XCPM for 10.11 and below: What about 10.15 opencore? I used this fantastic tutorial to...
  2. Nehedar

    From Clover to Opencore | P9X79pro i7-3820 | Success

    I have been struggling for a while to solve the CPU Power Management and finally found the solution. This MOBO requires some patches that I was using in Clover and finally found how to “translate” those patches to Opencore. Followed the guide in Dortania. I am currently running High Sierra since...
  3. WH0AMI

    X1 Yoga 3rd (2018) abnormal CPU power consumption after wake

    Hi, my build is X1 Yoga 3rd (i7 8650U, UHD620 + 16G Ram+ SN720 512G Nvme SSD + DW1820A) with OpenCore 0.6.0 + macOS 10.15.6 Catalina. The main problem I have been experiencing is the abnormal CPU Package Power Consumption. The CPU can only go to normal 0.8-0.75w idle power consumption after cold...
  4. facq

    ASUS TUF Z390 - i7-9700k -iGPU: speed step does not work

    Hello all, First of all, thank you to all the people who are providing help and answers on this forum. Thanks to you, I had my first build up and running Catalina 10.15.3. Unfortunately, I cannot get the speed stepping working. After boot up, frequency is stuck to 800MHz (lowest ratio). After...
  5. exquirentibus

    power management strategy for Mojave & Catalina?

    I've got a Kaby Lake i7-7700K that's using a Clover/ACPI/patched/SSDT-XCPM.aml for power management. This was created by a friend 2 years ago for 10.12.6, I would guess from Pike's script? Is creating an SSDT as in macOS Native CPU/IGPU Power Management still the preferred method - or has...
  6. venkatnath3

    Mod bios Native power management

    Hi I am using Lenovo x230 model laptop Configuration : I5-3320M, Hd4000 graphics I am using unlocked MSR bits mod bios Presently I am not using Any CPUpower management ssdt patches , in clover I select PluginType enable I am using normally , I reed a article about Ivybridge Power...
  7. nioyco

    [Solved] Cpu stepper - i5-3570k - P-States stuck at x16 = only 1,6ghz [on 10.13.6 & 10.14]

    Hello, Problem with my CPU which never change P-States (optimization of the voltage and CPU frequency during operation) and so stay stucked at 1,6Hhz (middle of the capacity of my cpu) I'm trying to have CPU/GPU Native Power Management on 10.11 to 10.14 (Mojave) with a ivy bridge cpu...
  8. sb1370

    [Workaround] Intermittent Graphics issues (No IMEI Device)

    Hi; I've noticed when I use the ssdt generated by ssdtPRGen for power management, my graphics doesn't work properly (I think it's QE/CI). Although sometimes graphics work fine with it but randomly and rare. If I drop that ssdt graphics work correctly. I tried beta and -c 3 switch but nothing...
  9. yash296

    Cpu Power Management/ Battery Fix For HP Pavilion - 15-ck069tx

    Okay, I'am a little new to Hackintosh and this is probably my first successful build. I've got almost everything working on this laptop using the Mi Notebook Pro guide as it has similar specs( from this link...
  10. bulesume

    Install OS X El Capitan problems

    hello guys I try to install, on new hd (I've already installed ML) it reboot on apple black screen logo. my pc have i7 processor mobo gigabyte and nvidia 750 could you give me some advice please? thank for all
  11. rmw156

    Not booting through clover after El Cap install (Backtrace: CPUPowerManagement)

    Let me start by saying that I tried to fix this without starting a new thread, but I suck, so here is a new thread. First off, I had a fully functional Hackintosh for the past 5 years. It was stable and I was running Mavericks. Then I decided to upgrade my graphics card to the Evga gtx 980 ti...
  12. jaseww

    FCPX transcoding for eternity (i7 4790k, GTX 750ti) - CPU power management the culprit?

    FCPX transcoding for eternity (i7 4790k, GTX 750ti) Hi, I am using FCPX and am noticing a huge improvement all over with my editing coming from a Mac Mini 2012 which obviously only has integrated graphics. One thing I have noticed though, videos that would take about 5 minutes to export on the...
  13. branjam

    Possiblity of Using Clover for CPU Power Management

    I have an ASUS P8Z77-V LE motherboard, which isn't one of the boards that get CPU Power Management in OS X by default. I've heard there is an alternate BIOS I can use, but I'm not able to install the BIOS. It seems my version has blocked the install of the one from the repository due to "bad...
  14. ak47lion

    Asus P8 Z77-V Everything Working except Sleep for 2 secs then Wake up.

    The modified dsdt voids your warranty and could just brick the board right? So I really don't want to take the risk. Im typing this from my Hackintosh BTW :) So everything works audio, ethernet and Graphics :). Just when I put my pc to sleep it goes to sleep for about 2 secs then it wakes up...
  15. Mac_Daddy2012

    Is there any way to fix broken power management without access to safe mode?

    Hi all, I dun goofed. I accidentally screwed up AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement and FakeSMC and I can no longer boot regularly or in safe mode without a CPU power management panic. Is there any way I can salvage the system without a re install? Thanks for the help!
  16. hxt148

    Everything was great...until Multibeast

    So after several attempts, I was able to get through the installation using PCIRootUID=0 option since the monitor kept turning black. After restarting, I loaded from the newly installed ML with -x option in safe mode, and it actually loaded! After my excitement, I quickly ran into additional...