cpu panic

  1. brunokraucher


  2. TroopGFX

    Panic (CPU 0 caller 0xffffff7f8159acc9 HELP!!

    Hey guys I'm new to the whole hackintosh stuff so please bare with me, I have tried installing all 3 current OS' but I'm currently trying to install Mavericks. I have installed the OS onto my hard disk yet when ever I book up I receive this error. 20170519_143636 by TroopGFX posted May 19, 2017...
  3. Alex12345

    Gigabyte ga-z87x-d3h cannot boot cpu panic

    Hi everyone! After updating from Yosemite to El Captian via direct Update i cannot boot anymore. Even after a fresh El Capitan install via Clover i get the same error. I could not find anything similar on the forums and on Google. Does someone know what the Problem could be? Here the error...
  4. eaex

    restarts when running video.

    After three months looking for ways to instatalar OSX on my laptop without ahci option in my bios, I found the way the next link, in case anyone else has the same problem ...