cpu halted

  1. DellaRocco

    Solved: CPU Halted during Sierra Install Boot sequence

    Hi, I just tried to make a clean install of Sierra on my system (see build description). I try to install from a UEFI boot stick to a Samsung 480 Gig SSDPLus. There is another drive in my system, NTFS formatted 2 TB HDD. When booting in verbose mode I get the following screens, after that the...
  2. malevo

    CPU Halted after wrong sleep wakeup, and after fresh install too!!

    So I got this hack working for months now. When waking I had like 50-50 chances to get it back working (screen stays black) so last week I got the black screen and decided to turn the pc off by pressing pwr button for 4 seconds. Next time I try to boot osx I get this loading bar below the...
  3. iKenny

    My not so GOLDEN BUILD... ((CPU halted))

    HELP with my not so GOLDEN BUILD Ivy Bridge... HELP! (3770K UD5H GTX670) I have put together a config based on several golden builds. I thought it will be an easy one but right now I cant even reach the installation screen. Verbose mode says: CPU Halted, and the computer shuts down...