cpu cooling

  1. hotrattz

    cpu cooler buying advice

    HI guys not sure what to do here about to start purchasing my build but i'm lost on cpu cooler/ fans etc. where to start?!?!?! i hear noctua is a great brand as well as cooler master what would you guys suggest? the build is as follows; 1. intel core i7 6700 4.0 2. gigabyte GA-z170n...
  2. LOG4920

    Using a corsair h100i v2 w/ Gigabyte GA-Z170X-UD5

    I am still waiting to receive my SSD (for my build) and in the meantime have been testing my setup on the bios but have been unable to adjust the cpu cooling fan speed. Now corsair uses a 3-pin connecter while the mobo utilises a 4-pin PWM CPU_FAN connecter. Is there anyway to control the RPM...
  3. khriswithak

    Bitfenix Pandora Core case cooling?

    Bitfenix Pandora case cooling? Hi! I'm thinking of building my CustoMac using this case. Since it's a slimmer design than most of the cases in the buying guide I was wondering what type of heating issues I may run into with this case and what type of fans/cooling I could use to alleviate any...
  4. Florentin

    which CPU cooler should I use if i am not overclocking?

    Whats up, I am looking forward to buid my own hackintosh for the first time. I am not that experienced with building a Hacintosh so here are my two main questions. Are my specs compatible with Yosemite? And since I took the tray version of the Intel I7 4790 Cpu I dont have any Cpu cooling...