1. hyopwnz

    [Solved] Downloaded dmgs are corrupted after installing high siera

    Hello guys, I am pretty much new to the community. I managed to install High Sierra on my pc today. Here are my specs: CPU: intel i7 6700k RAM: 16GB DDR4 Graphics: Palit GTX 1080 Motherboard: MSI B150 M3 I managed to get ethernet, sound and graphics working, but after downloading any external...
  2. insalada

    Sierra OSX Drive corrupted by Windows Paragon HFS+ but still accessible. Help!

    Hi Team, I am trying to avoid the unavoidable: Yesterday I had the great idea of installing the software Paragon HFS+ in my windows partition (booted from clover) with the thought of having better compatibility between both system. BIG MISTAKE. The software installs a couple of drivers and...
  3. habeeb

    Invalid Sibling Link.. PLEASE HELP ASAP

    hey guys, so I am quite frustrated by now, cause I have been running hackintosh for over 4 years now but I have come to a point where I cannot find answers or find any solved threads to my problem and everyone seem to not reply to my threads or my querys get deleted some how... so here is the...
  4. alexlove99

    Sierra loses passwords / corrupts Chrome

    I'm experiencing some strange bugs in OS X Sierra since some time and would find it very nice if somebody knew an answer to that problem. When I was booting Sierra today, my Apple Mail prompted me to re-enter my password for each of my mail accounts and my Spotify and iCloud were also logged...
  5. alexlove99

    Sierra / Win 10 dual boot bugs

    I'm experiencing some strange bugs when dual booting OS X Sierra and Windows 10 since some time and would find it very nice if somebody knew an answer to that problem. I was coding in Windows yesterday and shut down my PC when I went to bed. When I was booting Sierra today, my Apple Mail...
  6. bitone

    File System randomly corrupted after Shutdown (Catalog)

    Hi there, I managed to install 10.8.5 and I'm using it with Pro Tools (DAW) for quite a while now without any issues, except of this one: After maybe one of ten regular shutdowns (no panics) the system drive needs FS repair, which can not be handled by a simple fsck -fy. So I have to boot into...
  7. Ajbros2

    Cannot Boot from my El Capitan SSD no more :(

    I was trying to fix my icloud, facetime and imessage on my hackintosh by following iDiot's Guide to imessage. I created a new config.plist file and instead of choosing mac pro (what i originally put to define the system) i chose imac 4790k to see if that would solve the problem I tried and...
  8. yllapilate

    Font corruption at login screen?

    Has anyone seen this situation where the fonts have some corruption on 10.12.1 at the login screen: Any idea what may be going on here?
  9. ns2hplayer

    Hp Probook 4540s Audio Crackling/ Static/ Corrupted

    Hello, I don't know if someone might be able to help me, but here it goes... I have 4540s i3 running 10.8.5 that has been running very nicely with very little issues for almost a year now. I installed with this guide ->...
  10. Tsun2die4

    Z77X-UD5H Bios problems

    What am I doing wrong? I previously owend a Hackintosh I5-3570K Gigabyte Z68X-UD3H build of which the bios got corrupted and wouden't start up anymore. On my recent build Hackintosh I5-3570K Gigabyte Z77X-UD5H OSX 10.9.5 16 Gb Corsair ram, no pci-e cards or extra inserted. I followed...
  11. rafatrance

    corrupted image files in Mavericks (Asus HD5450 0x68f9)

    Hey guys ! I just built my first hackintosh , everything works ok but I have a problem when I open image files ( jpg , bpm, png ... ) is that these are corrupted. For example : My hack is composed of: - MSI H61M -P20 (B3 ) - Intel Celeron G1620 - 4GB DDR3 - ASUS EAH5450 Silent 1GB ( ID =...
  12. studeggle

    Fix a screwed up user files move

    I'm new to macs, only been playing with them for about a year and this week was my first go around at building a hackintosh. It all went pretty smooth thanks to the wonderful guides here. But I screwed things up when I went to move where I stored my user files and now I can't seem to get it...