1. raulduelis

    << Solved >> UniBeast it's not working on my MacBook Pro 2012

    Hello guys! I have a 2012 core i5 with 8Gb of RAM MacBook Pro and I want to make a hackintosh on my older i3 desktop (I checked the compatibility and it's supported) but when I run the Unibeast, it's very lo and do not create my bootable disk. Initialy, he showed an error associated to efi...
  2. MemeHCF

    Intel NUC NUC5I3RYHS

    I'm thinking of getting an Intel NUC to hackintosh. Anyone know if the Intel NUC NUC5I3RYHS is compatible to run Mac OS Mojave?
  3. Oswin009

    Asus B150M-A motherboar support

    Newbie here. This is my first time building a hackintosh. I just want to ask if my build can install El Capitan. Build Details: ----------------- MoBo: Asus B150M-A Processor: Intel Core i3-6100 3.7Ghz RAM: 8GB Avexir Blitz 1.1 Graphics: Not yet at the moment, tho I'm thinking of Nvidia 750 or...
  4. litesoftwares

    Must upgrade to SSD & add RAM for Core i3?

    I have a Core i3 (Ivy - running on compatible Intel board with Integrated graphics - no dedicated graphics) with 4GB RAM running Windows8. Planning to install MacOS for development training purpose. I don't have space in my existing HDD and hence planning to add new one for MacOS. Should I go...
  5. Awarapan777

    Intel Core i3-4160 and nVidia 210! Can i Install Yoshemites?

    Currently using Gigabyte H81M...Intel Core i3-4160- 3.6 Ghz and nVidia geforce 210 with 8GB of Ram! Can i Install Yosemite?
  6. kollegah

    ASUS R503C Intel HD 3000

    Hello, Before i Start Im sorry for my bad English im from Germany. i have an Asus R503c Laptop and successfully clean install El Capitan on it. now i have the problem with the intel HD 3000 Graphic. i Want QE/CI but its not working. my Ram says only 4 GB but i have 8 GB and my HD Graphics Only...
  7. pragdheesh

    Does my laptop support OS X EL CAPITAN

    Hi, iam using a Acer aspire e5-573g Spec- Core i3(4th gen) Nvidia GForce GTX 980M-1GB 8Gb RAM 1TB hard disk Will I be able to dual boot os x el Capitan on my laptop. If yes, can I have a clear guide how to dual boot os x (It comes pre-installed with Windows 10) (I have the latest bios...
  8. yogex22

    Dell inspiron n5110

    I have following configuraiton 2nd generation Intel(R) Core(T M) i3-2350M processor (2.30 GH z, 1333, 3M cache) NVIDIA GeForce GT 525M - 1GB Dell Wireless Card 802.11b/g/n, BT3.0+HS 6 GB DDR3 1333Mhz Ram I don't have access to any mac os installed system and i want to install yosemite. Please...
  9. patrickmacx64

    [OS X Yosemite] Boot Flags for new System

    I just finished building my new Hackintosh system. I installed Windows on one drive and left the other for OS X. I am unable to get into the Yosemite installer using my UniBeast USB. I've tried multiple combinations of boot flags, and none have worked thus far. If anyone could point me in the...
  10. giovanilg

    Mountain Lion only boot with cpus=1

    Hi Guys, I installed mountain lion 10.8.4, and using Intel Core i3 2.13Ghz. Everything works fine, but I need boot with "cpus=1"and my system runs only with one core. Could I change it to use all cores? I tried edit VoodooTSCSync.kext to: <dict> <key>IOCPUNumber</key> <integer>3</integer>...
  11. seanbhoymac

    Help i cant download dsdt for my p7p55d deluxe

    Hi there guys does anyone know what im doing wrong any advice would be greatly appreciated. core i3 processor p7p55d deluxe ddr3 4gb stick nvida gtx 8800 gainward dual graphics
  12. mamonurrosid

    I don't have any grapich card on my pc can i install mac os x on my pc

    Hello, I don't have any grapich card on my pc can i install mac os x on my pc.:think: My pc configuration is Intel core i3-540 M/B Intel dh55pj 4 gb ddr3 ram 500 gb hdd Thanks.