core i7

  1. xhgaerlan

    Unibeast Loaded MacOS High Sierra and Clover onto drive. Cannot boot into MacOS installer from Clover.

    Greetings to those who are reading this thread. I am currently having an issue attempting to install MacOS 10.13.0 High Sierra on my Coffee Lake build. I do have a Macbook Pro 13" (Mid 2010) running High Sierra on hand. I run through the installation process, and Unibeast is able to complete...
  2. Joshua.neu

    Please Help Trying to install High Sierra, running into issues

    Hi so the build is as follows Mobo: Gigabyte Z370M DS3H CPU: Core i7-8700K GPU: Gigabyte Geforce GTX 1050 TI RAM: Crucial Ballistix sport lt 16 GB Storage: Samsung 860 EVO 500GB SSD PSU: RMX 650W So i follow the install guide to a tee and everything is going smoothly, then i come to multibeast...
  3. sdsmith4586

    HELP!!! iMessage fix Z170XP-SLI 6700k

    Hello all, I recently completed my first hackintosh build. Everything appears to be working fine except iMessage. Not to sound like a d*ck but to save everyone time, yes I have followed pretty much every how to guide on the internet, both the "idiots guide" and the "How-to Fix iMessage" on here...
  4. benramsden

    Drives not showing for Sierra Install

    Hello Hackintoshers... I've managed to get to the install screen for Sierra having faked my CPUID using the Clover configurator as I'm running a i7 7700k CPU. The only problem I am facing is that none of my drives show up for me to format them for MacOS in Disk Utility, only my USB which I am...
  5. stevedavid

    Turning a custom built PC into a Hackintosh

    Hi all, First, I'm very new to Hackintosh and this site. Apologies is this post was inappropriate. I've been trying to find the ways to build a powerful computer (well, I've eventually reached to the conclusion that I want MacOS on it). But I have never built one by myself and I'm afraid that...
  6. fazilcik

    HP Pavilion 15-bc007ur

    Intel Core i7 6700HQ Intel HD 530 NVidia GTX 960M i already intalled OS Sierra 10.12.3 but i cann't boot with clover. boot only with usb drive but there are some problems with (don't work) -wifi -audio -trackpad -keyboard -video card Nvidia (even install Nvidia web drivers) please assist me!
  7. domints

    [solved] IdeaPad Y580 Black screen after apple logo after moving to i7 and FHD

    Hi All, History of my hackintosh is very odd - I had quite well working hackintosh based on Y580 with Intel Core i5, 8GB RAM, 250GB SSD and 1TB HDD, 1366x786 display. Everything was fine, dualbooting with windows, both OSes working well and happily. One day my Y580 dropped crashing shell and...
  8. Adian199808

    G53SX El Capitan

    Hey guys first time posting here- So I have my old Asus G53SX NH 71 specs are- core i7 2670qm 8gb ddr3 ram 500gb hdd GTX 560M 2gb was wondering if it was possible to install El Cap on this laptop and if so how to (no idea what I am doing)
  9. papaman56

    Can I go ahead with this build? If so any successful build guide I can use? I am new to all of this.

    Processor: Intel Core i7 6700 MOBO: GA-H170n-Wifi Cpu Cooler: Noctua NH-L9I Storage: Samsung 850 Evo 1tb PSU: SF600 Corasir GPU: MSI GTX 970 100ME RAM: Crucial...
  10. LuneTech

    Hakintosh Build HELP w/ NEW 2016 components

    I want to build a Hakintosh and dual boot Windows and Mac os. I've done it before, but it didn't work that well because the parts weren't compatible too well. This time I'm going to make sure I pick out compatible parts, but the problem is I'm going to build a computer with the newest 2016...
  11. birdhair

    MSI Z97 PC Mate w/i7 4790k & gtx 960

    Good evening everybody, ive just arrived at a point where i think im ready to take the plunge on my first customac build, and being that im new and naive in respect to diy building, i am aware that my ignorance may bear blind spots. im building a mac machine for use in audio, some video...
  12. rahulvyas

    First hackintosh, need help with compatibility and installination, please

    Hi I am new to hackintosh and wanted to install mac osx on my PC here is the config- Core i7 4790k MSI guard pro kingston hyperx 8gb gtx 970 zotac CMSTORM Keyboard mouse LG ultrawide 2560x1080 25" display samsung ssd 128gb( which has windows installed already and I dont want to delete...
  13. Gutz_Otoole

    CPU Upgrade

    I'm considering a processor upgrade. At a minimum I'll buy an Intel Core i5 3750K, or I may go for a Xeon E3-1230. Obviously the Xeon is a more radical jump, but it is slightly less expensive. Some people have described the E3-1230 as an i7 without on-chip video, which I find attractive if true...
  14. spreamc93

    Motherboard suggestion for i7-2700k

    Hi guys, just got my hands on an i7-2700k processor. I'm looking for a high end motherboard. Which one would you recommend for a hassle free setup? Price is not a concern. Thanks
  15. Harha

    GA-Z87-OC & Intel Core i7-4790K

    So, I ordered these parts yesterday: Item Price Gigabyte Z87X-OC, ATX 163,79€ Intel Core i7-4790K, LGA1150 300,95€ 16GB Kit Crucial Ballistix Sport Series DDR3-1600, CL9 125,53€ Crucial MX100 SSD 256GB, 2.5" 89,64€ Corsair Hydro Series H60 62,99€ TOTAL 742,88€ And at first I was sure...
  16. juces94

    My first hackintosh, it's fine?

    Hi, i build my first hackintosh, the components are: Gigabyte GA-Z97X-Gaming GT Gigabyte GeForce GTX 770 (GV-N770OC-2GD) or EVGA(02G-P4-3771-KR) Intel Corei i7-4790 Corsair 4x8 GB 1600MHz Corsair Hydro H80i or Hydro H90 Corsair AX860i or AX860 Corsair Neutron 256GB x3 Corsair Carbide 330R...
  17. andriangungon

    Is this gonna work?

    CPU Intel Core i7 4820k 3.7Ghz 4-core Motherboard lga1150 Gigabyte Z87MX D3H RAM Corsair Vengeance LP (Dual) 2X8gb ddr3 1600 CL10 (CML16GX3M2A1600C10B) Videocard Asus GTX 760 DC2 2gb/256bit, (OC Ed) SSD Samsung 840 EVO Series 120gb sata HDD 2TB wd black CPU Cooler Corsair H60...
  18. exxxodia

    Please help, install OS X 10.6 on core i7 2600

    Hi everyone, since the past 2 days i was triyng to install mac os x mavericks on my PC, i read that is necessary to install first OS X 10.6 Snow leopard, and thats my problem, i spend all the day trying to install it but always it gets stuck in the apple logo with a prohibition sign, then i...
  19. AdamInNi

    Mini Mac Pro. Help?

    Hi guys. Getting ready to pull the trigger on a new build and was wondering if these parts would be ok? Gigabyte H77N-WIFI Motherboard Intel Core i7 (3770) 3.4GHz SanDisk SDSSDP-064G-G25 64GB SATA 6GB/s 2.5 Inch Internal SSD 8GB DDR3 PC3-12800C9 1600MHz Dual Channel Kit (already have) OCZ...
  20. flopperr999

    Power Supply Advice?

    Hello, I have a Core i7 3770K at 3.5GHz, two GTX 560 ti's (1280MB edition), the recommended TP-4800 or whatever wifi card, one SSD, a HDD 7200rpm, a HDD 5400rpm, and a DVD drive. I was wondering if my Corsair HX650 will cut it in powering the two 560's. Upgrading the PSU is an option for me...