core i5

  1. BeepWeep

    core i5 7300hq. Acer Aspire A715-71G-58YJ.

    How can I mask my processor (intel core i5-7300hq mobile, kabylake-h, intel hd 630) under i5-6440HQ, mobile, skylake, intel hd 530 ?. Acer Aspire A715-71G-58YJ. Write in detail please. Specs: Intel core i5-7300hq. GTX 1050 mobile. Intel HD 630. TL-Link wifi adapter. Hackintosh Mojave.
  2. thatshype

    Solved > crossed out circle on install

    hello. I have just purchased a gigabyte h310 d3 motherboard, a core i5-8400 8th gen processor and 1x 8b cmv8gx4m1a2133c15 corsair ddr4 memory. I successfully installed windows on an ssd but when installing high Sierra using clover with the recommended bios settings, I manage to load start the...
  3. Tom-da-Bomb

    What do I do with these files (supposed to be a codec, I think)

    Hi, everyone... I'm new to the Hackintosh thing, having just got my 2-week old installation to boot from the hard drive this morning. With that accomplished, I'm about to tackle the rest of it, starting with audio. I put MacOS 10.12.6 Sierra onto my HP Envy Desktop. It's a Core i5 4570 @ 3.2...
  4. ashwingopinath

    How good is this build for hackintosh? Please give me suggestions for change.

    Its my 1st Hackintosh Build. Please give relevant suggestions. CPU : Intel - Core i5-8400 2.8GHz 6-Core Processor Motherboard :Gigabyte - Z370 HD3P (rev. 1.0) ATX LGA1151 Motherboard Memory :G.Skill - Ripjaws V Series 16GB (2 x 8GB) DDR4-2400 Memory Storage :Samsung - 860 Evo 250GB 2.5"...
  5. kirulali

    Enable sleep under El Capitan and USB Fix

    Hi all, I have two small problem, so first i write down my system specs: Gigabyte P55-USB3 Core i5 750 8GB RAM Geforce GTX 460 768MB The problem is, i can send my system to sleep, but when i like to awake than my pc restarts. My second problem is, the USB, the usbfix is selected in the clover...
  6. KRausis

    Installation Core i5 M480

    Hello friends, I have a notebook a little older. It is a core i5 M480 with integrated intel graphics. I created the bootdrive and everything according to the tips, but I did not find a graphical "config" compatible, because when the boot is distorted (everything big the 800x600). Even then I try...
  7. Peripatetic

    Low Geekbench Score on i5-7600k

    Hi Guys -- I recently switched out a Pentium G4560 for an i5-7600k and everything works and loads just fine, but I've noticed that part of my Geekbench 4 score is extremely low, especially compared to other 7600k systems. I only have 8GB of RAM, which is why the Memory score is low, but what is...
  8. nobin118960

    Can my pc run mac sierra??

    Motherboard = MSI H170 Gaming M3 Processor = core i5 6500 3.2GHz Ram = team 8gb ddr4 HDD = WD blue 500gb Graphics = intel HD 530 Can any one tell is my pc configuration compatible to run Mac os sierra?? if can , how to install it properly....??
  9. ashraf2033

    [solved] Installing Sierra on core i5 7200U installer boot screen reboots

    Hi there I just bought a new HP 15 ay-109ne laptop and tried installing Sierra after reading some guides confirming the ability to install mac os on kaby lake laptops [Success] Dell XPS 13 9360 Kaby Lake Sierra Install [Guide] Sierra on HP Spectre x360 (Late-2016 / Early-2017, Kaby Lake) I've...
  10. WouterDS

    [Semi Success] Sierra on a GA-Z170N-WIFI board with Intel 530 graphics

    Hi all I just did a fresh install of Sierra on my build fololwing this guide [Guide] El Capitan on the Skylake H170N-WIFI. By now the system is up and running, I have internet through my ethernet port and iMessage and iCloud is working as well! However, there's still some problems that I...
  11. scarberian

    Sierra on a legacy series 5 machine.

    My build is a quad core i5 on a Gigabyte mobo (GA-H55M-UD2H rev.F11) with a Mac Pro 3,1 system definition. I read ahead, prior to installation, to change my system definition to iMac 14,2 because the Mac Pro 3,1 and 4,1 system definition isn't supported. Using Multibeast I changed it...
  12. Superloop

    dell core i5 haswell MOBO?

    Hi there I'm lucky to get a free optiplex from work. It's fitted with a core i5 haswell @2,5 and 16go of ram. I want to try to make my hackintosh with it. I'm lucky not to have to spend any money for the casse, ram, HD, dvd burner and power supply. My question is, will this MOBO will work or do...
  13. lucas1188

    HP Probook 430 G3 Core i5 (6200U) SKYLAKE

    Hi there guys ! I wanted to ask any one of you who might have hackintoshed their Probook 430 G3. Any info will be appreciated, like any obstacles you encountered and how you solved it or point to the right direction for me to read. I'm planning on following this well known Guide >...
  14. adamsinstallation

    Intel HD 520 Graphics Boot flag?

    I just finished my Skylake Hackintosh. I love it. Truly brilliant considering I upgraded from a Core i3 Ivybridge clocked at 1.8 GHZ. Heck of an upgrade. I have everything working except graphics. When I get to clover, I boot with the graphics flag 0x80861916. It gives me 7mb of VRAM. Which I...
  15. shaant00

    How can I make a Hackintosh with my pc !

    Hi. I am very much interested to build a hackintosh in my existing pc. Config of my pc is: Intel 4th Gen Core i5-4590 3.3 Ghz Gigabyte G1 Sniper B6 Memory Corsair 2x4 GB PSU Thermaltake 350. Can I install any version of OS X? If yes , please guide me to the tutorial. Exactly what I have to do...
  16. Gutz_Otoole

    CPU Upgrade

    I'm considering a processor upgrade. At a minimum I'll buy an Intel Core i5 3750K, or I may go for a Xeon E3-1230. Obviously the Xeon is a more radical jump, but it is slightly less expensive. Some people have described the E3-1230 as an i7 without on-chip video, which I find attractive if true...
  17. pipskweak

    [SUCCESSFUL] 'Contrasted' Z97X-UD3H-BK i5-4690K GTX 760 H105 16GB Ram

    'Contrasted' I Built this machine as I was looking at 15" MacBook Pro Retina's. I could not afford the specs I wanted and in turn built a hackintosh. After Months of research (3 Months), and a day or two of building, I give you Contrasted, a Black and White themed build. I don't have a...
  18. xsorsburn22

    Is it compatible ??

    Hi im putting together a desktop and i believe these components will work for mac osx Mavericks but im unsure . will i have a problem if i try to load Mavericks? Here is the list of what i plan to use.
  19. Instinct69

    Mavericks Hang Ups

    Hello. I have been experiencing hang ups (meaning screen stops displaying information but the computer remains on whenever I shut it down, or restart from within the OS. Anyone know a fix?
  20. lampost

    Where do I start

    I guess i'll start at the begging, I have a PC that appears to run off steam, only have one application open at a time etc, so instead of upgrading the 8 year old PC I'm planning to put it into retirement soon. Thus me needing a new PC :D. This is my first Hackintosh build and this site has...