core i3 540

  1. SilentEagle

    Can't install, instant reboot after black screen on selecting 'USB'

    Hey there guys, I've got an older computer here, that I wanted to hackintosh, specs: Core i3 540 H55 PRO 4GB DDR3 1066Mhz RAM Geforce 6200 LE (I Know, it's old) / Integrated Intel graphics. On both the 6200 and Intel Graphics, it just reboots after a few seconds of black screen when trying to...
  2. theliontamer

    hackintosh on a gigabyte h55 ud3h core i3 540 intel graphics

    is it possible to install hackintosh on a gigabyte h55 ud3h with core i3 540 using the built in graphics? if so how???????? i keep getting stuck on a white loading screen with a no entry sign over the apple logo. please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!