core 2 duo

  1. jeffmikels

    Install Help Needed: Mountain Lion works, Yosemite won't Install

    Greetings! My son is happily running a hackintosh on an old HP Intel Core 2 Duo motherboard with a BIOS Version of DPP3510J.86A The on board audio doesn't work, but he has USB speakers and a USB headset and everything else works fine under Mountain Lion. However, when trying to install...
  2. morc3go

    Randomly Freezing @ P5KPL-AM/BR

    Greetings! I've successfully installed OSX Yosemite from an Unibeast pendrive, which was created at another hackintosh, at my P5KPL-AM/BR motherboard which is equipped with: - 2,93 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo E7500 (not overclocked). - 4GB (2x Kingston 2GB) RAM. - 320GB HDD. - NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650...
  3. jhonediego

    Hackintosh - Asus P5KPL AM + 4GB + Core 2 Duo 2.4GHz + GeForce 6200 Turbocash (PCI-Ex)

    (SOLVED) Hackintosh - Asus P5KPL AM + 4GB + Core 2 Duo 2.4GHz + GeForce 6200 Turbocash (PCI-Ex) Pessoal, Esse é meu primeiro hackintosh e consegui fazer funcionar quase tudo, exceto o vídeo. Minha resolução fica em 1024x768 e não há aceleração pela VGA, mas o engraçado é que o sistema...
  4. showcker

    Old Core 2 Duo.

    Hi, some time ago I move out and bought a notebook, because it was the "smart move" at the time, needed to work in groups, etc. The thing was I didn't do my research hackintosh-wise and that notebook is not hackable (not properly at least) is an Asus N53SM with dual video card which still is...
  5. P0sitiveH4ck

    White screen and mouse mavericks?!

    Hello everybody, I've got a problem: when I try to install mavericks, I get a Kerviel panic, and if i boot with -x, I get a white screen with my mouse, and i can move it!:crazy: My config: intel core 2 duo @3.00Ghz 4GB of ddr2 ram Nvidia GeForce GT 610 for graphics and an unknown mobo (HP compaq...
  6. brent_b13

    Computer Shack laptop: MS-1722

    Its an old laptop from around 2005 that got a virus and ruined the hard drive. I installed Windows and it works fine, but I'm wanting to make it a hackintosh. I have the info for the cpu, gpu, ram, and bluetooth module. It's made by a small company called Computer Shack...but its made from...
  7. han952011

    Intel d945gcnl HELP

    Hello this is my first thread on tonymac, I would like to install Mac Os lion on a intel d945gcnl motherboard I have had snow leopard working before but wanted to try this my system specs are as follows Motherboard- intel d945gcnl Cpu- Intel Core 2 Duo E4600 2.40GHz Memory- 2GB DDR2...
  8. sauravjha

    hackintosh hp dv6-1152tx

    I have an old laptop (some 3 yrs old). And not used any more. I was thinking if I ca make it a HACKINTOSH the it will be again useful to me or els i was planning to sell it So now my question is can I make it a hack? N.b. any version of OS x is fine with me , but i would prefer SL...
  9. ajay2244

    core 2 duo

    i have core 2 duo 2.8 E7400 Intel DG 31PR 4GB ram 1TB HDD Nvidia asus geforce gtx 550ti corsair cx600 is that possible to install mac os on my pc i want to use Final Cut Pro on that machine plz. provide me steps to install on that machine. Thanks
  10. ezenh

    Core 2 duo P7450 kernel Panic on Mountain Lion!

    Hi, i`d tryed everything. In previous OS X (Snow Leopard and Lion) I only resolved the problem using a legacy kernel...without it, the only solution was the "cpus=1" or disabling the multiprocesor core option from the Bios. I need to know if anyone has resolved this issue without those 2 options...