core 2 duo

  1. damiandrake123

    NVIDIA 9500GT Clover issues

    Hi everyone, I want to hackintosh on P5Q Deluxe, CPU E8600 and NVIDIA GAINWARD 9500GT 1GB. I did the USB with High Sierra (latest OS to support this video card) but at startup I get the error: NVDANV50HAL loaded and registered, after which the PC restarts. How can I solve it? P.S .: I made the...
  2. onram

    gIOScreenLockState error on mojave 14.4 install restart automatically

    Hello Guys , I am trying to install mojave 14.4 on my machine which is having core 2 duo E7500 and intel G43/45 express chipset as gpu and Legacy BIOS i had managed to install it successfully on the ssd but at the time of country selection stage it restarts automatically. Can anyone suggest if...
  3. jonathanpaulpano


    I'm running macOS High Sierra 10.13.6 using iMac 14,2 SMBIOS. I just want to know if my hardware is capable of upgrading to 10.14.3 Mojave. Aside from core 2 duo e8400, lga 775 motherboard, I also have NVIDIA GT 730 2GB DDR5 graphics. Any information will help. Thank you!
  4. Leonardsleim

    PLGA 775 build stuck at apple logo on install

    I have made a BIOS flash drive with high sierra. I try to boot and the following problems happen with the following builds. I have a E6600 that I plan t use if any of these works. CPU: Core 2 Duo E6550 MB: Intel DQ35MPE GPU: Integrated MB Intel 82Q35 This build goes till clover where I select...
  5. Idkwhattheasd


    I'm very very very new to the Hackintosh modding/fourms side of things but I've followed a guide and I keep on gettings stuck on the Apple Logo or Apple Logo with progress bar and my USB flash drive stops blinking which means its not reading/writing data. I have tried reinstalling but it does...
  6. rolldeepuk

    adding native supporting gpu to mid 2007 mac mini

    so i have a old mac mini mid 2007, it can boot in 64 efi but the reason apple blocked it from running higher os than lion was no gma 950 support in 64bit osx. so i recently added a 150 ssd and noticed the wifi slot could be used with an egpu to at least get el captain running with a native...
  7. Atzeehh98

    Dell Optiplex 780 USFF

    Hello everyone, i recently got my hands on a dell optiplex 780 USFF, and im planning to make it a hackintosh. I know there are some posts already on the internet about this machine but not the usff version. besides the intel core 2 duo 3,0 ghz, ddr3 4gb, 250gb HDD. it has no option for a...
  8. burnindaylight

    High Sierra works great on old Dell T5400, 2xXeon x5460's & XFX GTX 280!

    I was wondering about whether I could make this fly at all (especially because of the old CPUs and chipset - 2 4 core 3.16ghz CPU's and a lot of cache or not there's a lot of features they just do not have!) and I did a lot of searching here and on other sites.. came up with a bunch of people...
  9. Pratyush2004

    Can my PC run Mac os Sierra and want will be the bios settings

    I have a old HP desktop The specs are - Intel core 2 duo e8500 Mobo- MSI Ms 7525 4gb ddr2 800mhz ram Zotac Nvidia gt 710 2gb 400 w psu If it can run Mac os then can anyone tell me what bios settings should I use as it does not has a detailed one
  10. abkarino

    Black screen iMac 10.1 - GTX 650 - Core 2 Duo - Sierra 10.12

    I am having the black screen problem when mac boots. The installation went perfectly and went black when it started booting. iMac 10.1 shouldn't suffer from the definition problem. I prefer native solution rather than web drivers. I can boot with nv_disable=1.
  11. Danny2908

    Core 2 Duo heeeelp

    Is the processore Intel core 2 duo E6320 compatible with Os Sierra? It's only 1.86 GHz
  12. KnightRider50

    Help with my desktops compatibility

    Guys, I was wondering if my desktop is compatible with any Macintosh version. If yes which one fits best? My first choice would be El Capitan. I have : Intel Core 2 Duo 2.66Ghz E7300 4gb of DDR2 Ram ATI RADEON HD 4670 1GB My Motherboard is: Intel Desktop Board DP965LT LGA 775 Any help would be...
  13. betalarry

    Sierra won't shut down or restart

    Hi folks, I have successfully installed Sierra on an MSI MS-7531 motherboard (from a prebuilt c. 2009, Nvidia MCP7A chipset, integrated GeForce 9300 working nicely with only "Inject NVidia" ticked in Clover configurator) with a C2D E7300 and 4GB of RAM. After patching the DSDT to rename the...
  14. srishcool

    Lenovo Y510 Graphic Issues

    I recently installed El Capitan on my old laptop. I was unable to get full resolution and video memory from the OS, so I installed some kernel extensions which have able to provide 144MB of video memory ( It used to show 256MB in Windows) but have divided the screen into 4 individual desktops...
  15. imacx86


    Hello! I'm glad that there was a method to start Mac OS X on PC! Great job to all those who help us beginners to build a Hackintosh. I state: this is my first experience with Hackintosh, and I think it will be very difficult precisely because my laptop is not the best. Features: Intel Core 2...
  16. ben.jr

    Hp touchsmart 600

    Hi can i install osx el capitan on my Hp touchsmart 600 here are the specifications:
  17. jared1016

    DELL XPS M1330 Hackintosh (PLEASE READ!)

    Hey everyone! I want to hackintosh my Dell XPS m1330 I already know its compatible, (The only real downfall is a kernal panic on shutdown, or restart.. or so i've heard) the reason i come here is because this is all I have to hackintosh A USB Stick 2GB A 8GB SD Card A DVD W/ OSX Snow...
  18. Unpealable

    Hackintosh Kernel Panics HELP

    Hi Guys, I'm new btw So I'm a complete noob when it comes to hackintoshes. I recently installed Yosemite via Unkbeast and Multibeast as per the install guide several times but can't get the system to reboot after installing Multibeast. Originally I had the boot0: done and gibberish error but I...
  19. jeffmikels

    Install Help Needed: Mountain Lion works, Yosemite won't Install

    Greetings! My son is happily running a hackintosh on an old HP Intel Core 2 Duo motherboard with a BIOS Version of DPP3510J.86A The on board audio doesn't work, but he has USB speakers and a USB headset and everything else works fine under Mountain Lion. However, when trying to install...
  20. morc3go

    Randomly Freezing @ P5KPL-AM/BR

    Greetings! I've successfully installed OSX Yosemite from an Unibeast pendrive, which was created at another hackintosh, at my P5KPL-AM/BR motherboard which is equipped with: - 2,93 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo E7500 (not overclocked). - 4GB (2x Kingston 2GB) RAM. - 320GB HDD. - NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650...